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This is a question Horrible things I've done to a loved one

You shat on her Justin Bieber poster because you adore her. She cleaned the toilet bowl with your toothbrush for the same reason. Tell us of the times true love has not been as true as it should

Suggested by Edenmonster

(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 12:56)
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Sort of accidentally absolutely terrified my father.
When I was about 10, we went on holiday to somewhere in Cornwall, and my father and I went for a walk up on some cliffs. One section had some interesting rock formations close to the edge, and we went to look at them - they were huge, bulbous things ranging from knee-height to tens of feet. The drop to the sea was bloody huge - big enough for sea birds nesting in the cliffs to be flying underneath us while searching for fish.

The sound of the waves crashing was soft below us, and the sun shone brilliantly - a beautiful day.

My father went over there to look at some of the more interesting formations, and, as "a bit of a laugh", as his back was towards me, I suddenly cried Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!" and hid behind a rock.

Oh dear gods the look on my dad's face as he came rushing over, searching frantically for me. Oh how crushingly he hugged me when I revealed that it was all just a lovely joke.

Oh how I didn't get supper that evening.
(, Fri 17 Jun 2011, 9:11, 4 replies)
(, Fri 17 Jun 2011, 9:46, closed)
oh the savage beating you got instead?
good times :D
(, Fri 17 Jun 2011, 9:50, closed)
When does one eat supper?
Is it before or after tea?
(, Fri 17 Jun 2011, 21:38, closed)
It's what us poshos eat after a hard day exploiting the prolitariat.

(, Sat 18 Jun 2011, 12:53, closed)

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