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This is a question Iffy crushes

Who would you like to have sex with who isn't probably top of everyone's list and why?

(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 14:54)
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Mel C
back when she wore track suits
back when she went slightly chubby
and even now.

why ? because of her smile ...well that
and the fact it would be a guaranteed
no holds barred dirt fest
(, Sun 9 Oct 2011, 14:17, 4 replies)
I always thought she was the best Spice Girl.
(, Sun 9 Oct 2011, 17:43, closed)
i would let her suck my knob
just to shut her up from singing
but yes she was the best looking one
(, Sun 9 Oct 2011, 17:55, closed)
Back flips
'nuff said.

It used to be a popular pub activity to rank the Spice Girls in order. Typically this would go something like:

Baby (those pigtails)
Posh (before she met Beckham and became a snooty cow)
Scary (for the incredibly firm jugs)
Sporty (often thought to be on the other bus in those days)
Ginger (again, often thought to be a man in drag or 15 years older than the rest of them)

These days, now they've matured and so have we, the list would look very different.
(, Sun 9 Oct 2011, 18:45, closed)
That video with Bryan Adams
That was our Melanie at her most sexy.

The song wasn't completely awful either.
(, Mon 10 Oct 2011, 13:46, closed)

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