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This is a question Image Challenge suggestions

We think a good challenge idea is like the opening line of a joke, say "If ads told the truth... Guinness would say 'It makes you fat, and your shit turn black.'"

Maybe you have other ideas.

We're going to leave this thread open, so feel free to add ideas at any time. BTW: Please use the "i like this" button. Your voting really helps the good ideas bubble-up, and the very best will be used in the Image Challenge itself.

(, Thu 21 Oct 2004, 13:55)
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I would very much like more choice this week
so I'm posting my suggestion again b3ta.com/questions/imagechallenge/post1177464 - Dr Who - create new enemies/planets/assistants/interior of tardis etc

Alternatively, I also posted this one a while back and several people on /board liked this idea too b3ta.com/questions/imagechallenge/post1143424 - taking unusable stock shops and shopping them.

I'm pretty easy going and if I don't like a challenge, I just don't post but what's annoying me atm is that some really good ideas (obv like mine lol) don't even make it to the short list!

As a result the last month's worth of compos have only had 4-5 pages of entries at best - last weeks was the poorest I've seen.

So please please please can you give us more choice and include ideas from here in the short list.]
(, Wed 27 Apr 2011, 11:07, 5 replies, latest was 11 years ago)
by the way, this is not a moan
but the useful fatties compo was spectacularly rubbish and what is known on the internet as a "fail".
(, Wed 27 Apr 2011, 11:08, Reply)
Still like the unusable stock photos one very much

(, Wed 27 Apr 2011, 13:15, Reply)
me too
no peas and with the lovely b3tan brains, could be mental.
(, Wed 27 Apr 2011, 13:38, Reply)
not a dr who fan
though i'd prefer that as i'm not sure how much variation we'll get from the other.
however, i imagine we'll get loads of peas form this compo
(, Wed 27 Apr 2011, 13:27, Reply)
Dr who monsters are made of toilet rolls and tin foil tho
and could be part of the bigger Dr Who compo....p'raps.
(, Wed 27 Apr 2011, 13:38, Reply)

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