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This is a question Take my Mother-in-law...

There's a reason there are so many bad jokes about mothers-in-law. You don't choose them, they just come along as emotional baggage with your object of affection. I'm lucky, my m-i-l is lovely*, but don't let that put you off telling us how mad your in-laws really are.

*No, really

(, Thu 8 Sep 2005, 9:48)
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She likes a tipple
or maybe she has a drink problem, who knows, but we once had to pick her up for A&E after she went on a night out, this was about 5 months after I met my boyfriend. I had to accompany her to the loo as she was not too stable on her feet, she peed in front of me. Even my best friend of 25+ years has never done that.

Her daughter (my future sister in law) is kind of in the same mould. They went out together last Friday, the cab back was a bit more expensive than the one they got at the beginning of the night (about 2 quid), they did not like it. I do not know what hapened exactly but they are up in court in February, one of them for assaulting a copper and the other one for damaging a handset.
And my boyfriend wonders why I never go and visit them.
(, Fri 9 Sep 2005, 14:16, Reply)

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