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This is a question Accidental innuendo

Freddy Woo writes, "A woman I used to work with once walked into a car workshop to get her windscreen replaced, and uttered the immortal line, "Have you seen the size of my crack?"

What innuendos have you accidentally walked into? Are you a 1970s Carry On film character?
Extra points for the inappropriateness of the context

(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 12:05)
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What the hell, it deserves a mention...

(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 14:22, 12 replies)

*senses an underweight Kaol may be lurking inside*
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 14:22, closed)
I can't see it!
And it makes me sad.

*sad face*
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 14:31, closed)
Ahh, feck.
Hang on a minute while I fix that...

There. Sorry about that.
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 14:36, closed)
hee hee
that made me laugh last time you posted it too!

I agree with Bert.
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 14:39, closed)
I weigh quite a bit more than 40lbs...
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 14:44, closed)
Maybe it
only contains your penis.
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 14:46, closed)
french grated cheese
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 14:55, closed)
Thank you very much...
... for making the word RAPE appear on my screen in capital letters.

Much appreciated from the boss.
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 16:19, closed)
...didn't realize the boss would object to canola seeds.
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 16:35, closed)
/b/ much?
I've seen this before.
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 21:24, closed)
Wait, what?
Why? Why does it say that?

By the way, I don't want my boss to see RAPE in big letters across my screen, either, that's why I NEVER look at b3ta when he is here!
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 22:03, closed)
funny labels
I've just seen a box with the label "homo gal" on the side. It's a grocery box so it probably means homogenous gallons or something. Needless to say, I took the labels off before using the boxes to move.
(, Thu 19 Jun 2008, 4:35, closed)

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