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This is a question Insults

Last week two kids ran past me, one chasing the other. As they passed, the little boy turns to the girl chasing him and screams, "go away, you, you... you GIRLPANTS."

She stopped dead, cut to the core. Well, sort of. Anyway, we've added it to our repertoire, but are keen to expand further our sweary lexicon. What's the best insult you've heard? How effective was it? How did they retaliate?

(, Thu 4 Oct 2007, 12:48)
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Wimbledon FuCoff
It was whilst watching the mighty Wimbledon in their Selhurt[sic] Park days that I found myself surrounded by some of South London's finest 'ard men.
As the match kicked off they started some good old fashioned jocularity, after a wee while we were all having a good laugh but then the language got a bit fruity. Some gentleman pointed out that there were kids in the crowd and would they mind not swearing. I cringed in anticipation of a right, royal rollaround but to my astonishment they apologised and stopped the swearing.
Minutes later the ref blew up against the Dons (as they tended to) when the biggest of them geared up for what looked like a huge swear, as he was about to let rip you could see a thought process of 'don't swear' cross his mind and instead chose to call the referee a 'RUDDY DOUGHNUT' to which all his mates pissed themselves and called him a daft cunt. It was hard not to agree, the rest of the match was spent following every decision by the ref with some sort of bakery related instult.
It was possibly the best match ever and considering I don't remember who it was against that can't be a bad thing.
(, Thu 4 Oct 2007, 14:08, closed)

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