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This is a question Job Interview Disasters

The boss showed me the shop floor, complete with loose floor tiles, out-of-date equipment and prospective colleagues eyeing me like a raw steak. "Christ, what a craphole", I said. I think that's the moment I blew it. Tell us how you didn't get the job.

Suggested by Field Marshall Dozington-Smythe (Ret.)

(, Thu 21 Nov 2013, 13:06)
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Lots of pr0n...
This wasn't me, it was my boss who did something very very wrong...

It was the late 90's and I'd just got a brand new job at a brand new radio station. It was great, the interview with my new boss was a delight with both of us performing Heather Small impersonations half way through the process. He's still a good friend of mine.

So that was good, however he was looking for a female presenter to do the late night show. The idea would be to compete with 'Late Night Love' on the GWR network... it was slow songs and a bit of saucy phone talk about love and relationships. Pretty standard for commercial radio at the time.

He'd explained this to one of the builders (who were building the new studios) and he'd brought him some 'love manuals' or HARDCORE PORN to get ideas from... my boss was startled and squirrelled them away in his desk.

Now, as I knew a few female presenters looking for a new job I gave him a list of names and he called a few in to the studio for an interview. One of them said she couldn't make it at a normal time as she was presenting overnights, could she come in at 8am... he was fine with that.

The night before he and I went out for a swift drink... we broke up at 1am as he had an early start the next day. The interview with my friend.

At 8am in a deserted, half built radio station, a still drunk, beery man had an interview with a young woman.

It already sounds a little "operation Yewtree" but it gets worse.

I found him in his office, ashen faced & I asked what was wrong... he mumbled in a hoarse voice "I showed her so much porn."

He had decided that the best way to illustrate what he DIDN'T want in the late night love show was to show this young woman, who he'd only just met, all of the builders porn... all of it... with a commentary on why it wasn't what he wanted.

He was so mortified he didn't give her the job, and she never really spoke to me again.

ohhh sooo long... ooooh yehhhh.
(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 16:20, 8 replies)
For the line "I showed her so much porn."
there will be some hefty clickage.
(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 16:39, closed)
wow, medialols

(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 16:39, closed)
I'm disgusted
GWR was a terrible radio station

(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 17:08, closed)
He sounds a fucking idiot.
(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 18:08, closed)
He was very very hungover... and he still doesn't know why he showed her the porn... he lives with that shame every day.
(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 18:12, closed)
When I'm conducting a job inerview I only ever show 'man sucks his own dick' and 'woman wanks off horse'. I'm not some sort of sicko like this bloke.

(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 19:37, closed)
I had it the other way around until a colleague pointed out that the woman sucking their cock
was probably photo shopped or they were transgender.
(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 21:05, closed)
All good things in moderation.
(, Wed 27 Nov 2013, 22:02, closed)

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