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This is a question LOL Bigots

Freddie Woo says: "A bloke who lived next door to my mum told me on the day Diana died that it was 'God's punishment for sleeping with an Arab'". Tell us stories of bigots, racists, sexists, homophobes and loud-mouths so that we may point and laugh

(, Thu 21 Feb 2013, 20:03)
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For most of human existence
most people have lived in tribal groups and isolated villages. Everyone knew everyone else and they were probably somehow related.
In drift people who are different. One is a curiosity, two is a comedy and three is starting to be a threat.
The world is a better place now that differently coloured people can expect a fair crack at a flat or a job.
The age old habits die hard however and even those prepared to report their parents as racist can still unconsciously presume that someone with a Black Country, Mississippi, Queensland or Cape Breton accent is bound to be stupid.
(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 2:06, 8 replies)
Especially Queenslanders
talking with their mouths half closed so the flies can't fly in.
Bunch of banana benders.
(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 2:38, closed)
I added Queensland
just for you.
(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 4:12, closed)
I'm a sandgroper now. Don't mix me in with those pumpkin scone eating, Bjelke-Petersen voting hicks.
(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 5:30, closed)
What are we to make of the incredibly patronising?

(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 8:11, closed)
That's nice, dear.

(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 8:19, closed)
I'm afraid I don't know what patronising means
Would you mind explaining it to me?
(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 8:37, closed)
Visit Gympie, in Queensland.
The myth will be made real, before your very eyes.
(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 8:27, closed)
I used to live in Gympie, on Cootharaba Road.
A good quarter of the population appeared to live under rocks. Some of the mob from the Mary Valley had not even got to that level of civilisation.

Rockhampton's no different, it might even be worse. When I told Kevin and Narelle that I was off to a play at the local live theatre they looked at me as if I had two heads. Oh, no, far too snobby for them. The would not even go to the cinema, that was too snobby too, only the drive-in.

Then there was Ipswich. Oh dear, Ipswich. It made Gympie look lively and the home of culture and refinement. Some poor bastard with a touring show opened at the local theatre and got an audience of seven, one of them was the Queensland Times reporter.
(, Thu 28 Feb 2013, 1:04, closed)

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