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This is a question Lurid Work Stories

"I know a railwayman of 40-odd years' service," says Juan Quar, "and he tells me a new gruesome yarn each time we meet. Last week's was of checking the time on the wristwatch of a severed arm he'd just collected after a track fatality."

Tell us the horrible stories you tease the new hires with, or that you've been told.
NB By definition, these are probably all made up. Roll with it

(, Thu 5 Sep 2013, 17:33)
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Polyurethane foam
is made by mixing two liquid chemicals and then injected into a mould at seriously high pressures.
We had a big cheese from a major customer come visit to see the research and processes involved. Unfortunately during the mould injection demo the injector head blew - covering the VIP from head to foot. Now bearing in mind that, within 20 seconds, 1.0 litre of the liquid will then expand into foam the size of a small car - we had to cut the poor blighter out...
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 11:42, 6 replies)
yeah i remember Demolition Man

(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 11:58, closed)
He died?

(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 12:41, closed)
but he probably wished he had...
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 12:55, closed)

(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 13:12, closed)
I had the big cheese scooped out with the little umbrella
not as bad as it sounds, quite tasty really.
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 13:54, closed)
Worst. Cocktail. Ever.

(, Sat 7 Sep 2013, 14:44, closed)
Methyl Diisocyanate is a bugger to remove.

(, Sat 7 Sep 2013, 14:43, closed)
and we mainly worked with the evil twin toluene diisocyanate - evil fecker!
(, Sat 7 Sep 2013, 16:57, closed)

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