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This is a question Midlife Crisis

I've hit my forties, and my midlife crisis has manifested itself in old band T-shirts and a desire to go on camper van holidays. How has it hit you, or - if you are still a youngling - your elders?

(, Thu 2 May 2013, 11:55)
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So we had a reunion, and some of us went to the nightclub we used to frequent back in those times.
We didn't care that we were the oldest in there; we were genuinely there for our collective company and the nostalgia hit.

Oh dear god.

First of all, it was fucking ridiculously loud.

Secondly, I didn't know any - ANY - of the music they were playing.

And then the Stone Roses came on.

So I grabbed a nearby friend, and screamed into his ear, "Oh YES mate! Come on!", pulling him to the dancefloor.

And just then, a very pretty, petite little 18 year old girl behind us likewise grabbed her mate excitedly, and likwise screamed into her ear "Oh yes! Let's go and dance to this ... I love all this old stuff!"

She lives under my patio now.
(, Mon 6 May 2013, 18:05, 7 replies)
To kids these days, "old" means anything released more than a year ago.

(, Mon 6 May 2013, 18:22, closed)
Surely an album released six years before she was born qualifies as old?

(, Tue 7 May 2013, 11:53, closed)
It does.
But the point I tried to make is that the term is now applied so widely that it's completely meaningless.
(, Tue 7 May 2013, 19:13, closed)
She was talking about you.
She wanted a bit of a creaky knee trembler and some Parkinsons tremors down her pants.
(, Mon 6 May 2013, 20:54, closed)
"She lives under my patio now" She's still alive?
Just for a laugh put your finger over her breathing tube now and then and make sure it puts the lotion on its skin.
(, Mon 6 May 2013, 21:00, closed)
Totally replying here cos I love all these old threads.

(, Tue 7 May 2013, 13:23, closed)
My sister's ten years my junior
At her 21st, after smuggling me into a students' nightclub, one of her stunning mates allowed me to drag her onto the dancefloor. "Wahey," thinks I. "She's actually dancing with me! Guess you've still got it, pineapplecharm me old chum."

When a particularly asinine song came on I decided to adjourn briefly to the bar and, as we disembarked the dancefloor she touched me on the arm and yelled in my ear, "Aww, you're really fun!"

Being condescended to by a 20 year-old? Yup, I'm over the hill.

As if to prove the point to myself, I drove home soon afterwards. And listened to the World Service on Radio 4 all the way back to London.
(, Tue 7 May 2013, 16:39, closed)

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