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This is a question Mobile phone disasters

Top Tip: Got "Going Underground" by The Jam as your ringtone? Avoid harsh stares and howling relatives by remembering to switch to silent mode at a funeral.

How has a mobile phone wrecked your life?

(, Thu 30 Jul 2009, 12:14)
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Is true, my brother informed me last night. He walked away 6months into his 18month contract promptly sold his phone on ebay and took out a new contract with them.
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 0:29, 2 replies)
Well then
I guess I shall be getting one of those nice shiny iphone 3gs thingies i've been hearing so much about.
*is glad he hung onto orange's stupid text*
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 0:43, closed)

You don't need to have the text on your phone or to have even received it - the troubleshooting guide explains how to get round that issue.
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 1:00, closed)
finding this randomly got me off my contract, 3 months in YAYS
and to think 3 months beforehand i got out of contract with them also (for them fucking my phone up again and again)

i have also spammed this on facebook and a few other sites, cableforum, cablehell and twitter

to the person who posted this thank you
(, Tue 4 Aug 2009, 19:43, closed)

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