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My dog died last week, and I'm already sick of people sending me that stupid Rainbow Bridge poem. Tell us about excellent (or rubbish) pets

(, Thu 31 Jan 2013, 19:42)
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Maybe you shouldn't have gone round crying to everyone about your dog dying if you didn't want them to feel like they had to send you 'sorry your dog died' messages.
I hate it when people tell me that their dog has died because I have to pretend to care whilst secretly being glad because dogs are disgusting noisy shit factories and dog owners are invariably mentals with no social skills.
(, Thu 31 Jan 2013, 20:57, 6 replies)
You are a vet
(, Thu 31 Jan 2013, 21:49, closed)
I would totally be the Dr Shipman of vets. "I'm afraid your dog was in a lot of pain so I put it down".
"And just before it died it wrote a will saying it wanted me to have your house"
(, Thu 31 Jan 2013, 22:08, closed)
That's you in the doghouse then.
Feel at home?
(, Thu 31 Jan 2013, 22:44, closed)

(, Sat 2 Feb 2013, 14:15, closed)
I've researched this in some detail,
(by which I mean I haven't done any such thing) and have to conclude that you don't like dogs or people and (by some creative association) every other living creature on the planet and are therefore, an awful bottom head and a poo face.

But all this seems a little unfair and unscientific so I have devised a series of one test to see if you are worthy of further consideration.

I spelled your username out in dog biscuits and my dog refused point blank to eat the words, preferring to back away while barking in wide-eyed terror.

Nuff said, poo face. I hope you slip on a dog turd and break your typing finger.
(, Fri 1 Feb 2013, 23:47, closed)

(, Sat 2 Feb 2013, 14:15, closed)

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