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This is a question Nativity Plays

Every year the little kids at schools all over get to put on a play. Often it's christmas themed, but the key thing is that everyone gets a part, whether it's Snowflake #12 or Mary or Grendel (yes, really).

Personally I played a 'Rich Husband' who refused to buy matches from some scabby street urchin. Never did see her again...

Who or what did you get to be? And what did you have to wear?

(, Thu 26 Mar 2009, 17:45)
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Shame and Rabbits...
For some unknown reason I liked doing am-dram when I was a kid/teenager :there's not much to do in rural north Worcestershire when you're tired of smoking fags and drinking cider in the park. Hence I appeared in some of Hagley's finest dramatic productions. Being the token "fat kid" I turned A Christmas Carol into a comedy by playing Scrooge's supposedly frail little sister in the flashback to Xmas past scene. When the Ghost of Xmas Past uttered the line, "Such a frail, dear little thing" the whole of Hagley Community Centre pissed itself laughing. Even my parents. Nice.
Other amusing Nativity related anecdotes involve my mum's class rabbit escaping from its hutch, hiding under the stage then chewing through the lighting cables during the Nativity, leading the deputy head to shout, "That fucking rabbit!" in front of a bemused group of primary school kids....apologies for length.
(, Fri 27 Mar 2009, 14:30, 2 replies)
Why do they find power cables so irresistable?
(, Fri 27 Mar 2009, 14:41, closed)
It's something
to do with the electromagnetism of the cables. Lighting cables in particular tend to use a very high current, and as such generate some quite high magnetic fields (hence special wiring techniques being used to stop scaffolding bars turning on to powerful magnets). Rabbit and a lot of other rodents seems to like these a lot - rats are always a problem when doing outdoor events.
(, Fri 27 Mar 2009, 15:12, closed)

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