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This is a question Nativity Plays

Every year the little kids at schools all over get to put on a play. Often it's christmas themed, but the key thing is that everyone gets a part, whether it's Snowflake #12 or Mary or Grendel (yes, really).

Personally I played a 'Rich Husband' who refused to buy matches from some scabby street urchin. Never did see her again...

Who or what did you get to be? And what did you have to wear?

(, Thu 26 Mar 2009, 17:45)
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I was about seven and was cast as one of the shepherds. We were to enter, stage left, talking amongst ourselves. There were no lines, just the instruction to 'talk amongst ourselves'.

I asked a teacher what sort of thing we we should say and was told, "Just say 'rhubarb'". Now, I may not have been great at improvising dialogue, but I *was* good at organising and motivating...

Enter stage left, a group of shepherds inexplicably bellowing, "Rhubarb!" perfectly in unison.

The following year I was a tree.
(, Sun 29 Mar 2009, 17:55, 6 replies)
I pictured that and giggled for a good while.
(, Sun 29 Mar 2009, 23:34, closed)
There's actually something quite like this in Blackadder II.
I can't remember the name of the episode; it's the one in which they're on a ship in search of uncharted lands. It cuts to a scene in which Blackadder, Percy and Baldrick are bickering. Tim McInnerny (Percy) is shouting 'rhubarb' just a bit too loudly, so that the words are clearly discernable.
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 11:10, closed)
Maybe Richard Curtis was at my school play taking notes.
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 19:11, closed)
It's in "Potato" in Blackadder II
If it's the scene I'm thinking of, I always blame Tom Baker for shouting "Rhubarb" too loudly.

He can't help himself can he? Still, it's a living.
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 22:54, closed)
I mean *click*
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 14:12, closed)
Office LOL
(, Mon 30 Mar 2009, 16:21, closed)

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