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This is a question Neighbours

I used to live next door to a pair of elderly naturists, only finding out about their hobby when they bade me a cheerful, saggy 'Hello' while I was 25 feet up a ladder repairing the chimney. Luckily, a bush broke my fall, but the memory of a fat, naked man in an ill-fitting wig will live with me forever.

(, Thu 1 Oct 2009, 12:41)
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ah the joys of university
this brings back many memories of living in university "halls of residence" (for the merkins = dorms)

First year of university, move into my little room on a corridor with 7 other chaps.

the highlights:

The god-botherer guy from Iowa, funny guy but no particular stories.

Stavros. The greek guy named Panos, we of course christened him Stavros which annoyed him greatly.

The cleaners had to have a quiet chat with him, this is Britain, our sewage system, unlike the greek system, can handle toilet paper, please don't put used toilet paper in the little bin by the toilet!

Wore the same clothes for weeks on end and frankly stank.
The rooms were surprisingly well insulated, but in the middle of the ngith, we'd often hear him running the tap in his sink for hours on end.

One day he proudly tells me that he has discovered that his key opens my door. Not sure how he worked this out but he then tells me how nice the chocolate bars in my room were! Maintenance man had the lock changed within an hour.

I think he studied Computer Science which explains a lot.
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 10:07, 9 replies)
"I think he studied Computer Science which explains a lot" I don't follow....
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 12:08, closed)
well computer science = socially inept and possible hygiene issues :-)

for the record, I have a Master's in Computer Science....
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 12:17, closed)
I studied Computer Science
And I don't have any hygiene issues whatsoever.
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 13:08, closed)
is it that most Greek students seem to smell so much and refuse to wash their clothes? Happened when I was at uni too.
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 13:48, closed)
we had one...
I think it's because back home the boys tend to have everything done for them. A lad in our halls which should technically be a proper post, would smoke 60 a day, in his tiny halls room, refuse to speak english and never wash. He also told us he had a gun.
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 14:30, closed)
Lucky for him it was
your chocolate and not mine, he would have been taking his teeth home in his pocket!
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 15:11, closed)
"someone of foreign nationality annoyed by childish racism shocker!"
read more on pages 3 and 5. Page 4: Ursine defecation in arboreal environments.
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 19:18, closed)
yes thats a fair point, it wasn't his name.

When he first introduced himself, he told us his name was Panosoaoaoaototototopolis eg he pronounced it very fast and gave his whole name refusing to shorten it to something we could pronounce. So we called him stavros. eventually he told us we could call him Panos.
(, Tue 6 Oct 2009, 9:28, closed)
I had a greek flatmate in first year, did EXACTLY the same things...do you think they're taught 'how to act like a stupid forginer while abroad' before allowed to leave the country?
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 21:54, closed)

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