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This is a question How nerdy are you?

This week Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, died. A whole generation of pasty dice-obsessed nerds owes him big time. Me included.

So, in his honour, how nerdy were you? Are you still sunlight-averse? What are the sad little things you do that nobody else understands?

As an example, a B3ta regular who shall remain nameless told us, "I spent an entire school summer holiday getting my BBC Model B computer to produce filthy stories from an extensive database of names, nouns, adjectives, stock phrases and deviant sexual practices. It revolutionised the porn magazine dirty letter writing industry for ever.

Revel in your own nerdiness.

(, Thu 6 Mar 2008, 10:32)
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Self shame
Everyone knows about the Peridoic table song, (if not www.privatehand.com/flash/elements.html. Theres others that are also very good)
Well, i downloaded it to my MP3 player...

I still love it every time it comes on.

I am also trying to find the sheet music for the piano to learn, if anyone knows where it is it would be great...

Also i understand everything on the Big Bang Theory, although im 16, but thats not such a big deal.

That is all.
*W00t 2nd post ever*
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 22:37, 9 replies)
Isn't it a cover? Sort of? The words are set to a classical piece I think...

ah, wait, it comes back to me as I type.

Is it a Gilbert and Sullivan thing? Major General something or other..HMS Pinafore perhaps?

BTW that's a dead link, try this one
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 22:42, closed)
Modern Major General song
From HMS Pinafore? Or is it Pirates of Penzance?

P.S. The Big Bang Theory is unbelievably crappy. I normally like ridiculously artificial comedy, I loved The IT Crowd, but The Big Bang Theory just... I don't know.
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 22:52, closed)
I Am The Very Model Of a Modern Major General
From The Pirates of Penzance, by Gilbert and Sullivan. And also used for:
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 23:35, closed)
Big Bang theory
*Everything*! Wow! That's impressive. There are physicists who've worked on it for years who would never make so bold a claim. Perhaps you should give them a call and explain the bits they've missed out.
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 23:53, closed)
SteamedCleaner you tit!
Bang! Fucking huge! All you need to know.
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 23:59, closed)
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 0:03, closed)
making me feel more geeky
that I knew it was Pirates of Penzance because I was in it. In a parents and friends choir. That I joined with my Mam. Because I had nothing to do on a Thursday evening. I was the only person in the choir under 48 years of age. Good musical though...

But the periodic table version is better...

But I do have information vegetable animal and mineral...

(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 1:08, closed)
there was a pirate movie in the 80's
that was losely based on the Pirates of Penzance, it used the Modern Major General song, and was called, fittingly, The Pirate Movie.

was funny as hell to an 8 year old
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 3:58, closed)
not that I've listened to the link you've put on
but I assume it's by Tom Lehrer, a Harvard Maths Professor, and musician

I like his song about Nicolai Lobochevski

"index I stole from vladivostic telephone directory..."
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 8:27, closed)

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