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This is a question No Self-Awareness

I had a boss who had no idea of his body odour problem, and everybody was too tactful to break it to him. Not so a visiting Rev Ian Paisley: "What the blazes is that smell? Is it you?" That sorted it. Stories of people blissfully unaware of their bad smells, bad manners and foghorn voices.

Suggested by Ding Dong Montily on High

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 13:31)
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Buses have seats. Lots of them. Sometimes (well a lot of the time) they are full, but there are plenty of places to stand.

So why do you have to stand in the exit?

Honestly, the driver isn't going to leave with you still on the bus - they've got mirrors and cctv to see who wants to leave. They're trained. It's their job.

All you are doing is making it immensely harder for everyone to get off. Arses.
(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 17:05, 10 replies)
bus wanker.

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 17:16, closed)
that's from a tv show that is

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 17:16, closed)

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 17:26, closed)
how do you gas wank?

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 18:16, closed)
It's when you wank so often that when you cum, only air comes out.

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 19:26, closed)
I hate it when people sit on the aisle seat of a very busy bus with their bags on the other
and dont move even when its full and people are standing.

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 17:30, closed)
Try opening your mouth and asking them, you quivering nancy.

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 18:00, closed)
I do, thanks for your concern.
Usually it's other folk standing.
(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 19:31, closed)
Same on the bloody tube
Had to visit that london last week. Why don't people just move down the carriage a bit? Most of them don't even want to get off at the next stop.
(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 17:31, closed)
I get the "being scared you won't be able to get off" bit
But I just don't get how they don't realise that *everyone* wants to get off somewhere and so is in the same situation.
(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 18:00, closed)

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