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This is a question Not having sex

Our pal Freddie Woo says: Climbing into the back seat of the car, she sat on a fortnight-old bag of food shopping I had completely forgotten about. The stench of a bag of bean sprouts popping open is a real passion-killer, I can tell you for nothing. Tell us about the shag you didn't have because you blew it.

(, Thu 22 May 2014, 14:01)
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ways i've blown it
falling downstairs, falling asleep, throwing up, breaking my arm, slicing open my other arm by falling on a broken bottle, telling him i fancied his brother and pointing at it and laughing. to be fair, i was off my face that time, but it still wasn't a nice thing to do.
(, Fri 23 May 2014, 18:18, 13 replies)
All on the same night?

(, Fri 23 May 2014, 18:42, closed)
sadly not
would have been nice to get it all out of the way in one go.
(, Fri 23 May 2014, 18:45, closed)
can't you just put it in your mouth like a normal person?

(, Fri 23 May 2014, 19:02, closed)
ooooooo euphemism spotter

(, Fri 23 May 2014, 19:06, closed)
I'll spot your euphemism if you're lucky.

(, Fri 23 May 2014, 19:11, closed)
That was very clever
You may have a gold star
(, Fri 23 May 2014, 23:15, closed)
you haven't seen my teeth
they're large and extremely sharp
(, Sat 24 May 2014, 14:43, closed)
For the second you're lucky he didn't just "Assange" you...
At least you don't have to worry about "getting it up" though.
(, Fri 23 May 2014, 19:34, closed)
even thinking of assange
would even throw george off his stroke
(, Sat 24 May 2014, 14:44, closed)

Surprising lack of otter-related reasons
(, Fri 23 May 2014, 19:50, closed)
i'm repressing those

(, Sat 24 May 2014, 14:45, closed)
It seems that this topic was tailor made for you
n'est cet pas?
(, Sat 24 May 2014, 1:19, closed)
i'm just a clumsy fucker

(, Sat 24 May 2014, 14:45, closed)

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