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This is a question Not having sex

Our pal Freddie Woo says: Climbing into the back seat of the car, she sat on a fortnight-old bag of food shopping I had completely forgotten about. The stench of a bag of bean sprouts popping open is a real passion-killer, I can tell you for nothing. Tell us about the shag you didn't have because you blew it.

(, Thu 22 May 2014, 14:01)
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I once didn't have sex for a reason other than being a loser.
My then girlfriend and I were staying in a rather "quaint" bed and breakfast in the very exciting city of York! We had only been together for a few months so we were still getting to know each other and, since it was a long-distance relationship, we hadn't yet met the other partner's family.
The room was decorated in period style which was a little overboard on the flowers and lace but very fitting and very well maintained. They also had one of the largest shower cubicles I've been in since my time at grammar school (which is another story). So, as people do in this situation my intended and I decided to share the shower... Shower gel was applied, various bits stiffened, cuddling lead to excitement almost ready to burst on my part.
Then, in that way only women can do she asked me "So, when will we meet your mother?". Things didn't recover, sadly.
(, Tue 27 May 2014, 18:48, 6 replies)
Your mother is hawt!
(, Tue 27 May 2014, 19:30, closed)
Yeah, she fancied your mum more than she fancied you.
Can't blame her really.
(, Tue 27 May 2014, 19:34, closed)
'I once didn't have sex for a reason other than being a loser.'
Clearly this was a different occasion.
(, Tue 27 May 2014, 20:35, closed)
Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!
Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!
(, Wed 28 May 2014, 17:45, closed)

(, Wed 28 May 2014, 17:50, closed)

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