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This is a question Office Christmas Parties

My office this year is having Christmas lunch. In the office. On some desks we are going to clear the monitors off. The computers underneath will keep running as we are behind on some deadlines and need to keep rendering.

OK, so some people aren't getting anything, but how Scrooge-like are your bosses when it comes to Christmas?

(, Thu 16 Dec 2004, 14:42)
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my earliest christmas memory
well, it's not exactly the office, but when i was in preschool, one day we all arrived to class to find that each of us had an unfrosted cupcake on our desk, and an assortment of festive frostings and sprinkles.

of course, being 3, we went ape-shit decorating these things (it must have been an awful mess to clean up). when we all had finished decorating them, the teacher came and collected them on a plate. when asked why we couldn't eat them, she replied:

"oh, these are for the bunnies"

next door there was a rabbit farm, and she told us that they were chrsitmas treats for the bunnies.

several years later i realized that the school had found a quick and easy way to get two dozen decorated cupcakes for their staff party.
(, Sat 18 Dec 2004, 18:54, Reply)

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