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This is a question Advice from Old People

Sometimes, just sometimes, old people say something worth listening to. Ok, so it's like picking the needle out of a whole haystack of mis-remembered war stories, but those gems should be celebrated.

Tell us something worthwhile an old-type person has told you.

Note, we're leaving the definition of old up to you, you smooth-skinned youngsters.

(, Thu 19 Jun 2008, 16:16)
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A wise old father of a friend told me he could hear light.

dementia is a beautiful thing.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:36, 13 replies)
Could be synaesthesia...
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:39, closed)
You and your big words, Enzyme
Give me the right fecking HORN.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:40, closed)
*Horns Bert*
you can run, but you can't hide Bert.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:44, closed)
I'm the B3ta Gummy Bear
*bounces here and there and everywhere*
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:45, closed)
Big words are my red Ferrari substitute.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:51, closed)
It's funny because by Ferrari substitute he means he's compensating for his small penis.


I'm in a really weird mood today, I think I need a lie down.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:52, closed)
I read
Enzymes post from a couple of days back about violence and if someone attacks you they will get a smack.

And it conjured an image of Enzyme on his crushed velvet chaise longue while he instructed his turkish boy to take someone outside and deal with them.

Edit - in my head it sounded like Noel Coward in The Great Escape - "Go and give him a good going over!"
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:53, closed)
That's quite the odd fantasy you had, there.

Tell me, were you the one being taken 'out back' in this image of yours?
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 13:55, closed)
@Bert, re: Enzyme
He whispers Latin to me to turn me on.
"Veni, Vidi, Vici" he said, and I Veni-ed like a hurricane.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:37, closed)

I came, I saw, I cleaned up afterwards and apologised profusely for getting it in her eye.

EDIT CHCB, be honest with me, and don't worry about who you might hurt, but really, when you went back with Enzyme last week, you were thinking about me, right?
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:39, closed)
is about right, I'd say. My girlfriend has a bit of that- sounds and colors get intertwined sometimes, and give her other sensations as well.

I find it fascinating and am not sure if I envy it or not.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:53, closed)
yes Bert. I made him bleat and everything.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:55, closed)

That'll keep me feeling all cosy and warm inside in bed tonight.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:56, closed)

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