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This is a question Ouch!

A friend was once given a biopsy by a sleep-deprived junior doctor.
They needed a sample of his colon, so inserted the long bendy jaws-on-the-end thingy, located the suspect area and... he shot through the ceiling. Doctor had forgotten to administer any anaesthetic.

What was your ouchiest moment?

(, Thu 29 Jul 2010, 17:29)
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More like a prolonged ouch!
Last year I had the unfortunate misfortune of having bowel cancer, which weirdly I found variably easy to deal with. The main ouches I used to have was when not having the greatest veins in the world and having prolonged chemotherapy over 9 months, it was great fun having a nurse laughing at me manically while stabbing me with a needle (sometimes up to 7 times at once) in the hand and then wondering why my hands were black and blue the next time I came in! Oh well anyone who asked I said I had been having fights with bums on the street. oh yeah i was cool...
(, Thu 29 Jul 2010, 21:52, 3 replies)
Get well soon!
I hope you are recovering well. That's a nasty thing to go through.
(, Thu 29 Jul 2010, 22:25, closed)
Glad you're doing so well!
I reckon the street-bums were your subconscious visualisation of the cancer, and you punched their lights out.
(, Thu 29 Jul 2010, 22:42, closed)
My brother had leukemia
And that was possibly his number one pet peeve. Every single nurse would leave him with arms like a junkie.
(, Sat 31 Jul 2010, 2:15, closed)

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