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This is a question Overheard secrets

When I was a barman, I stood by polishing a glass as a couple had a hushed argument two feet away about what they were going to do now she was pregnant. The bloke promised to leave his wife, but subsequent hushed arguments revealed that he did not. What have you overheard?

Suggested by Free Pens

(, Thu 25 Aug 2011, 13:36)
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Ms M
I was alone in a quiet study room attached to my sixth form common room a few months ago when a PE teacher (Miss C; not actual initial) brought 2 members of the netball team in.

They obviously didn't see me as they began to talk about a member of the PE staff (Ms M; not actual initial)'s frequent absences, about passing a card around the netball team.

It turned out that this teacher had breast cancer.

Just before Miss C left, she told the 2 girls that, understandably, they shouldn't tell anyone outside of the netball team. At this point I stood up and said, 'I won't tell anyone either'.
None of them noticed I had been there until now; they smiled.

And I didn't tell anyone. I only speak now because Ms M passed away on Thursday (25th August).

By the way, this is my first post on here ever; maybe I haven't really mastered the art of making good answers
(, Sat 27 Aug 2011, 1:41, 11 replies)
well i for one am glad you popped your cherry with such a fascinating story.
by which, of course, i actually mean that you are a dull, dull cunt.
(, Sat 27 Aug 2011, 10:00, closed)
That sounds fair enough
All that you've made me think was that at my school, there was a rather tall and masculine girls PE teacher who rejoiced in the name of Mrs Mann.

Years later, when the gloriously unfunny Scary Movie came out, she must have taken some ribbing, if you'll excuse the phrase.
(, Sat 27 Aug 2011, 13:10, closed)
Parenthetical comments (I wonder why you need so many).

(, Sat 27 Aug 2011, 18:45, closed)
Because all the cool sorts are using them (instead of commas).

(, Sun 28 Aug 2011, 1:43, closed)
You'll get better
don't let it get you down.
(, Sun 28 Aug 2011, 2:56, closed)
You realise this is a comedy site, right?
It's not Whining Pricks Anonymous.
(, Sun 28 Aug 2011, 11:38, closed)
I only reply now because my interest died by line 4 (not actual line number)
PS Was it wrong of me to try to buy Kylie's mastectomised left boob on ebay to masturbate with?
(, Sun 28 Aug 2011, 15:51, closed)
So MOTOR does a decent thing and all you cunts can do is piss & moan about how it wasn't funny or entertaining enough?
The QOTW is about overheard secrets. This story is within those parameters.

Contribute something constructive instead of tearing someone down. This isn't the fucking youtube comment section, it's b3ta QOTW. Step up or shut up.
(, Sun 28 Aug 2011, 19:39, closed)

OOOOOOOH get you, ruler of the interwebs and all!!!
(, Mon 29 Aug 2011, 11:27, closed)
Shut up, moaning internet user.
This is, as you yourself pointed out, b3ta. A COMEDY site. For COMEDY.
(, Wed 31 Aug 2011, 12:17, closed)

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