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This is a question Pet Peeves

What makes you angry? Get it off your chest so we can laugh at your impotent rage.

(, Thu 1 May 2008, 23:12)
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Pro-lifers and Anti-vivsectionists
They make me very angry.

I really think there should be a form that people can fill out promising never to use/be given anything that has ever been tested on animals in any circumstance. Until you do - please go away and do not talk to me about how cruel it is. It's the best option we have for making sure new medicines are not going to kill us. Don't like the fluffies being tested - come here let me inject you with this.

Also abortion - my body, definately my choice (preferably after honest and frank talks with father of ball of cells). In no way should religious types be allowed anywhere near this kind of decision.
(, Fri 2 May 2008, 15:38, 2 replies)
Hear hear!
I was just going to post something along the same lines.

The fact of the matter is, they all just value the lives of animals more than humans, and are not afraid to be hypocritical, violent, brainless bastards until their idiotic little crusade is fulfilled. Ah, I'm glad I got that off my chest. I feel better now.
(, Fri 2 May 2008, 22:08, closed)
I've been yelled at for being "pro animal cruelty" just because I prefer animal testing to no testing. If it came down to it, I would prefer that millions of animals die rather than I do. I value myself and the medicines we use more than animals.

And yes, if they're female then the ranting twats are usually wearing potloads of animal tested makeup and beauty products. Ergh.
(, Sun 4 May 2008, 5:11, closed)

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