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This is a question Pet Peeves

What makes you angry? Get it off your chest so we can laugh at your impotent rage.

(, Thu 1 May 2008, 23:12)
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Loud car music
Why is it that some people think that the whole world wants to listen to the pedestrian R n B shite that they have playing in their car? "I know," they think, "I'll turn the volume up REALLY LOUD and wind all my windows down while I drive really slowly through the town centre. That'll brighten everyone's day! Everyone loves listening to the same tepid syncopated-beat-that-sounded-really-modern-in-2000-shit as me! What a lovely human being I am!"

Fuck you, dick. Just fuck off.
(, Fri 2 May 2008, 19:00, 1 reply)
Christ yes
I was in McDOnald's carpark the other day enjoying one of there volcanic apple pies in a parchment crust when some tit in a silver Vectra parked behind me and had his stereo playing what sounded like heavy steel presses and powertools.
As he got out, I switched on Radio 3 and cranked it up. I'd not realised how good an aria actually sounds when quite loud.
(, Fri 2 May 2008, 19:30, closed)

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