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This is a question Pet Peeves

What makes you angry? Get it off your chest so we can laugh at your impotent rage.

(, Thu 1 May 2008, 23:12)
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Property shows
TV programs about people buying/selling/auctioning/renovating properties.
1. The complete hotch-potch of song snippets they use, where some of the lyrics in the chorus is vaguely related to what's on the screen at the time with a new tune for every scene.
2. The propensity of the hosts to overuse estate agent language:
Light and airy, affords excellent views, and the worst offender, fucking characterful!
Plus, when people are looking around the properties, they use similar tems to each other! No one talks like that in real life. You don't say;
"mm, this is characterful", you say;
"that brickwork needs repointing and that wallpaper hurts my eyes. and what have they done to the kitchen?"

Grand designs was on earlier this evening, I lost count of how often the vacuous presenter said "characterful" and "wow factor". And apparently, my interior is 'country chic', I just thought it was cluttered and needed tidying up. Seems country chic is another way of saying "full of tat".
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 23:32, 3 replies)
But on a couple of them the female presenters are rather attractive.

(, Wed 7 May 2008, 23:33, closed)
No the worst is 'its got potential'. They use this expression almost every time. Potential to what? Be lived in??
(, Thu 8 May 2008, 8:29, closed)
I used to be like this
then I bought a flat.

Suddenly they are the most important things on telly.

And Kirsty Allsop and sarah beeney are absolute filth
(, Thu 8 May 2008, 9:46, closed)

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