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This is a question Personal Ads

A somewhat shocked friend writes, "I did not realise it is considered de rigeur to send a cock shot with the first email."

Welcome to the world of personal ads. How deep down the rabbit hole have you gone?

(, Thu 13 Sep 2007, 15:01)
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Where do i start
Many stories to be had, since breaking up from the last psycho rehab using, cheating ex G/f
i have used various free dating sites for sex meets, one thing i have found no matter how young and sexy they are all of them are milfs or miwltf s , except for the really minging ones who havnt had the chance to spawn, i am supposed to be going up to see a lady who is on the larger side tonight who has harassed me by text and email for ages to date her (i know beware of the deperate ones) but her two saving graces are that she likes to drink and has a all red dwarf episodes on tape and is an addict of it (yes) i mainly use the sights for sex meets because i have given up on ever meeting the one. I,m also
meeting a 43 year old fairly fit lady who has been sending me pictures of her in various states of undress and a penchant for nob licking..

Click i like this if you think i should go ...
(, Fri 14 Sep 2007, 15:00, Reply)

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