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This is a question Personal Ads

A somewhat shocked friend writes, "I did not realise it is considered de rigeur to send a cock shot with the first email."

Welcome to the world of personal ads. How deep down the rabbit hole have you gone?

(, Thu 13 Sep 2007, 15:01)
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Stephen Hawking type seeks his Davros
Stephen Hawking's illegitimate love child seeks Davros type for warm intimate discussions of the cosmos.

Must like wheelchairs, stairlifts and incessant dribbling.

My picture is here: www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=AEORGRA&key=NHU

Let me be the E to your MC squared.

Cyber men need not apply.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 18:24, Reply)
181st :(

(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 18:21, Reply)
Yes, they do work
especially if you can hold a decent conversation, have at least the rudiments of manners and know the basics of personal hygiene.

Among the women I met through the ads, I was apparently something of a rarity to them- which says very frightening things about the other men out there.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 18:20, Reply)
Desperately seeking.....
Tall, good looking young liar with exceptional penis seeks racheswipe-esqe type for music lessons.

Must be able to play the trombone or bagpipes and be happy to take it up the arse.

Please reply by PM with picture of your kipper.

Lasses living in or around Falkirk may also be considered.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 18:13, Reply)
personal ads dating works, i find
as women that i've met through that route just seem happy that i'm not a semi-autistic loon who can't conduct a conversation over dinner (and there's a lot of this about)
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 18:13, Reply)
Chickenlady, how about this...?
Bingo wings, after earning your red, white, green, brown and whatever other colour wings there are, you shout "Bingo!" and are then awarded your bingo wings.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 18:08, Reply)
What does molesting an air hostess count as?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 18:01, Reply)
*looks innocent*

(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:52, Reply)
Fucking hell, Kroney...
if I get fired for looking that up, I'm gonna track you down and hang you from a tree using your own intestines! GAH!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:51, Reply)
While "tromboneing"
Would the guy "trumpeting" add to it, or kill the moment?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:51, Reply)
the voices won't stop
just read the description of tromboning and can't get the song 76 trombones out of my head.
by the way Ms Swipe I think you're protesting a little too much on that one!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:51, Reply)
Surely that would be black wings?

(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:45, Reply)
So we've had white, brown, red, green, even mutton....but what about the wonderous BINGO!!

(Yes, I know they're baggy upper arms but they should be something sexual as well, no?)
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:36, Reply)
don't pretend you haven't tried it!!!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:35, Reply)
Well I certainly didn't ask you to do that!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:35, Reply)
Google that one for fun and frolics.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:29, Reply)
I have a suspicion
that somewhere out there is a creepy individual who is gathering together all our HoN pictures for his own nefarious desires.

I don't know about anyone else, but knowing some of my fellow b3tards I can easily imagine a huge qotw shrine hidden in someone's cupboard.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:29, Reply)
I didn't think it was possible...
...but Rachel has simultaneously skeeved me out and given me the horn, while causing the giggles with "bagpiping".

(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:26, Reply)
means tromboning - tonguing the poo chute and giving a double handjob from behind.

yes, i have been asked to do that.

no, i didn't! would you?!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:24, Reply)
Shagging a Sheep
Woollen Wings or Mutton Wings?

And no i havent.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:23, Reply)
I believe you are refering to "tossing the salad" MsSwipe is correct in her description of Bag Piping. White wings are poping the cherry.
Red wings in polite company is "Blood Sports".
Why are all pirates from Cornwall? because they AARRRRRRGGHHH!!!!!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:22, Reply)
Thanks for clearing that up rach,
I would just like to add that I have never indulged in such filthy activites...but the afternoon is young

White wings? erm.....shagging a sheep?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:14, Reply)
I thought that was something else... Isn't that when you have a lassie kissing your ass and digitally manipulating the old boy?

Before anyone asks me, no.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:14, Reply)
Bagpiping! class
White wings are when you take someone's virginity i think
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:11, Reply)
White wings....
....are I believe, attained via having full sex with a virgin.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:11, Reply)
busting open
a virgin. I assume it doesn't count if you are one also
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:11, Reply)
amorous with an armpit = bagpiping

bonking with a bellybutton = laughably small cock (or freakishly large bellybutton)

wtf are "white" wings?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:10, Reply)
Here's a question for the more experienced...
What colour wings would you get for:

being amorous with an armpit?

Boinking a belly-button?

Erotic with an earhole? or even an eyesocket?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 17:05, Reply)
I did once
get my wings for the Mile High Club. What color would those be?

Oh, and in light of the current turn of the QOTW, the phrase "How far down the rabbit hole have you gone?" takes on a whole new meaning...
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:59, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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