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This is a question Phobias

What gives you the heebie-jeebies?

It's a bit strong to call this a phobia, but for me it's the thought of biting into a dry flannel. I've no idea why I'd ever want to or even get the opportunity to do so, seeing as I don't own one, but it makes my teeth hurt to think about it. *ewww*

Tell us what innocent things make you go pale, wobbly and send shivers down your spine.

(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 13:34)
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Fear of milk
Once upon a time in infant-school back when I was aged 5 or 6 (possibly even 4 - I really don't remember). I saw one of my classmates puking. Because she had just been drinking milk, it came out all white. Now, I had seen puke before, but completely white puke ... something inside me just freaked out. Within a few days, I had become so appalled by this that I point blank refused point blank to drink any milk at all. All my cereals had to be without milk. I still ate milk-products such as butter. This actually went on all the way until I was aged 19 when at uni, I was offered some cornflakes with milk and not wanting to be the un-cool kid, accepted it, and the rest, they say is history.

Although I like milk when it's drowning cereals, I still don't like drinking a glass of milk on it's own. Even today, if I see somebody drinking milk, it makes me feel a bit sick on the inside.

Needless to say, my trip to Mongolia was interesting, and not wanting to offend the locals, I even tried a few sips of Kumis.
(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 13:56, 7 replies)
I eat my cereal dry, too... but in my case, it's just 'cos I don't like milk.
(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 13:57, closed)
Sugar takes away the remaining eww-ness of milk.
(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 14:00, closed)
I'm the same
I have water or orange juice or yoghurt on my cereal though because I don't like milk.

That kumis/airag stuff is not the nicest aperatif. In fact, it's feckin' minging, but is slightly nicer than Mongolian tea.

Tea should not have milk in it. Ever.
(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 14:00, closed)
I used to have my cereals dry. I could immagine drinking orange juice and cereals, but can't immagine mixing the two.

Mongolian tea's OK, but once you're out on the steppe, your standards of just about everything take a nosedive.

I agree with you on tea.
(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 14:12, closed)
true about teh Steppe, which is how I ended up butchering my own mutton...

I forced down the salty milky tea out of politeness. But I was thinking about black tea the whole time.
(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 14:16, closed)
That reminds me. When I was there, I met these two Danish women on a horseriding trek. One of them was a vegetarian, but not wanting to offend the locals, assisted someone in slaughtering an animal and even ate some of it.

Me and my friend ventured away from Ulaanbaatar for three days at a time at most so we just took what we want to eat with us.
(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 14:28, closed)
Have you ever seen Aliens?
With the android puking up milky blood?
(, Sat 12 Apr 2008, 6:02, closed)

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