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This is a question Premonitions

When I was 14 I had a really scary dream about being run over. A few days later, as I gently bounced off the front of a volvo who seemed incapable of indicating, I found this vaguely reassuring.

Last week 'emadex' managed to respond to this weeks question a good five days ahead of time, so it would only be courteous to ask: What spooky premonitions have you had?

(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 19:52)
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Melbourne Cup Day
I woke up on Melbourne Cup Day last year and my Mum was about to go to the betting place and wanted me to pick my horses. Being a lazy bugger I just said three random numbers and told her to put money on the corresponding horses. She told me to pick my horses properly but I have this strong feeling I should stick to the number I said when I first woke up. I looked at the form and only change one number because there was no horse with that number.
Anyway I got first a second place and highest profit I'v ever had on the cup.
I sort of the did the same thing this year but picked more horses so it wasn't as unlikely I still made profit though because I put twice as much on the winner.
(, Sun 21 Nov 2004, 6:09, Reply)

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