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This is a question Premonitions

When I was 14 I had a really scary dream about being run over. A few days later, as I gently bounced off the front of a volvo who seemed incapable of indicating, I found this vaguely reassuring.

Last week 'emadex' managed to respond to this weeks question a good five days ahead of time, so it would only be courteous to ask: What spooky premonitions have you had?

(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 19:52)
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This question is now closed.

Whilst watching West Ham a coupl of years ago, I predicted that we were shit, lo and behold, we are now shit.

Negates fact we were shit prior to my prediction

Some other vague thing I said sort of came true, do I win a tenner?
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 13:34, Reply)
All the genuine psychics out there will already know what I was going to write here as my reply to the QotW...
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 13:33, Reply)
I once got a strong feeling that i am the one true immortal....

so far so good.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 12:45, Reply)
on the subject of pub quizes...
a few weeks ago me and some mates were at a pub quiz. we weren't doing very well but when we bought a ticket for the treasure chest i just knew we were going to win. it could've been something to do with the fact there was hardly anyone else there but i prefer to think of it as a premonition. anyway there was only £60 in there and we didn't even win that becasue my mate picked the wrong key. it was a 1 in 14 chance but still i can't help thinking, if i'd gone up there it might've been a very different story.......
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 12:42, Reply)
Whilst watching the Arsenal Gallatassaray cup winners final penalty shoot out a few years back, i put my finger on the post (tv screen)and said 'he'll hit here' low and behold patrick viera's shothit my finger and bounced out!
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 12:37, Reply)
Last night *100% true*
Met up with some old friends and decided to do the pub quiz. Last time we played we were joint first, but came second cause i lost in the 2nd round of sudden death pop up pirate.

Anyways some how even though we got loads of questions wrong in the pub quiz, we somehow came joint first and had a sudden death shoot out knocking things over. No one was hitting the target. Then suddenly I could swear i heard 'use the force luke' in my head being sure we'd win.

So I go to my mate Luke whose in the team and said
'Use the force Luke*
And he went and shot that figure straight off the table, winning us free drinks for thursday, Brilliant!
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 12:19, Reply)
was watching the winter olympics ice skating with my girlfriend a few years back as there was nothing on, bored to tears by the spinning and prancing of one guy I loudly commanded him to "do a fucking backflip!" at which point the guy did!

I've never seen an ice dancer do this move before or since and was totally dumbfounded!
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 11:44, Reply)
well im psychic. so fuck you all.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 10:40, Reply)
When I was about 35 or so I had an airplane crash dream. I dreamt that an American Airlines 727 had crash landed in Denver, Colorado due to bad weather...it was very vivid...I saw the plane skidding, sparking and landing on it's belly, the chaos inside the plane, the people coming down the chutes after it had stopped.

sure enough, a week later, in Denver, Colorado....727 crash landed. American Airlines. Haven't been on a plane since!
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 6:06, Reply)
when i was 12
i had a dream that someone had held me and several other classmates hostage at gunpoint in the cafeteria, and two days later we found out that the lunchlady had been killed (shot).

not a week later i had a dream that my neighbor killed my dog, and a few days later his dog got killed.

personally, i'm just glad that i always manage to wake up before I die in my dreams.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 3:50, Reply)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
ok this really freaked me out, but last night i was playing this and drove around a part of the map that seemed freakily familiar, despite having only had the game a few days

why? because i'd had a dream a few weeks ago where i was driving round that part of the game. can't remember if in the dream i was playing the game or just driving round a fictional city, but it was very odd...

i get a lot of deja vu things. nothing spooktacular though.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 2:26, Reply)
when i was about 12 i had a dream that john suchet was on the television announcing the end of some IRA ceasefire or other.

the next day, who should appear on the telly but mr suchet, saying the news in the exact wording of my dream.

that year, i also had a dream that i died.

this has not happened yet.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 1:16, Reply)
I once
had a dream that i had sex with a massive bumble-bee. i remember reaching round and groping its big bee arse and it feeling all fuzzy.

oh. these have to come come true do they?
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 23:13, Reply)
Jacobs Ladder experience !
Of course I hadn't seen Jacobs Ladder when I was a kid,but this happened alot during my early years, around 7-10 years old I would say.

I would 'feel' myself slipping between time, it was like dejavu, but really being there ! Most vivid was being 7 and feeling that I had been somewheres in the future, then around 3 years later feeling I had been in the exact same place before and someone else was there.

When I got to about 12 I suddenly thought about what might happen in my life (which I felt was quite deep for a kid of 12 who was otherwise into his ZX Spectrum and Z80) and always remember that that I stopped around my age of life now. It seems 'weird' that somehow that I feel my life has been 'planned' up until now and now that its a clear canvas ahead.

Maybe I should of stopped licking toads that summer..... Sorry for length :P
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 23:04, Reply)
I once had a dream
Where I was on top of the BT tower in London with a giant chicken, and then the tower started falling over so I grabbed the chicken's legs and flew off with me still holding on. I'm still waiting.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 19:34, Reply)
I was quite small, 6 or 7 maybe, I had a dream that I was riding my bike down the High Street in Tonbridge just by the Lloyds Bank. All was well until there was a clunk and my handlebars dropped forward as the front wheel had come out of its forks, and I stacked it royally. It stuck in my head as it was quite a vivid dream, and being so young I wasn't really used to this.
Anyhoo, jump forward, and I'm about 13 or 14, and riding my bike down Tonbridge High Street, just by the Lloyds Bank, all of a sudden, CLUNK!. Handlebars drop forward, wheel comes out of the forks. Over I go and slide down the road on my face, narrowly missing having my head run over by a Mini Metro (inches away!). To be honest, I think the only reason I came off was becuase I was just thinking "WOW, this is JUST like that dream I had when I was little", so was in a bit of a daze. Was very strange indeed. The exact same thing, in the exact same place, still weirds me out a bit now.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 19:24, Reply)
Predictions for 2004
At the end of last year I wrote a piece for my uni newspaper with 'predictions for 2004'. Most of them came true, one way or the other:
1. No talent shitheel wins competition to be famous - Nadia, and all the other big brothers, come to think of it.
2. Bush declares war on small country in time for election - people still getting wasted in the gulf.
3. Michael Jackson rapes more kids - well, I don't have any proof but history might vindicate me...
4. Stupid woman rejects misanthropic student journalist with a heart of gold for tosser with two rolls royce's - Boy, was that one ever accurate... the bitch. Remember money can't buy you happiness.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 19:20, Reply)
When I was three years old...
at the prompting of my older sister, I accused the son of a family friend of being a homosexual. He got really upset. About 15 years later I found out that he had come out of the closet 10 years after my accusation.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 19:06, Reply)
Throwing up
I once had a dream that I threw up a set of toilets and the whole of the toilets were filled with a pale-green painty-consistency sick. Not long after that, that same toilets were painted that exact same colour of green.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 19:03, Reply)
Just had one on the way home...
...listening to the iPod. On a 160-track playlist in shuffle mode. As the track begins to fade out, I find myself thinking "I bet the next track is 'Are Friends Electric' by Gary Numan". Bingo! Of course, I suppose it depends how random the shuffle mode is...
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 18:53, Reply)
Had one last night...
Dreamt about being in the toilets at college with a ghost who destroyed the pipes- v scary dream. The very same toilet block was declared 'out of order' with loads of red tape over it today. Since when does a whole block of toilets fuck up? Only if the pipes are knackered... which really spooked me out.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 18:03, Reply)
this very morning
as I was getting ready for work, I cast aside my white shirt and put on a black one instead.
as I headed off I decided to pop in to see my gran, despite the fact that I would only be able to stay a few minutes.
When I get in, whaddya know, my uncle had just died

bit odd that
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 17:53, Reply)
Honest guv I weren't even there
When I was about 16 I worked in a hardware shop during school holidays & weekends. One evening I had a rather vivid dream about the shop being burgled. The next morning, walking in to work I bumped into the manageress. Walking along chatting merrily, I heard an alarm bell in the distance and joked that it was probably our shop as I'd dreamed we'd been burgled.

Lo and behold, get to the shop and it is indeed our alarm going off. Cue remarkable expression of horror / sudden realisation / uttter hatred on the face of managaress, and no doubt, an equally vivid expression of "oh shit" / "wish I hadn't said that" / "I'm about to befoul my underwear" upon my own face.

It didn't get much better, the culprits had evidently got in by kicking in a skylight window directly above a stockroom shelf which I had been up pissing around on the day before, kicking stock off for my workmate Greg to catch, with my footprints & fingerprints all over the place.

Shortly thereafter I found myself sat in front of some officers of her majesty's constabulary sobbing like a baby and desperately pleading that I really really really wasn't a burgling footpad with the audacity to turn up at the scene of the crime the next day and brag about my exploits.

I was only saved by the belated and spectacular realisation by the police several hours later that, although the skylight glass had been booted in, the metal bars underneath were very much intact, and as I was considerably less than six inches wide then neither myself - nor anybody else - had actually managed to get in.

And the manageress didn't even apologise. Hairy faced bitch.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 17:50, Reply)
Tom Clancy-damus
I read the Tom Clancy book "Executive Orders" in the summer of 2001. I say summer because it is 1400 pages long. In the book, a madman flies an airliner into the capitol building in Washington, D.C., and kills the president, vice president, and pretty much the rest of the government. The book was ok, but hardly worth the time to read 1400 pages.
Then, a month later on 9/11, terrorists tried almost the exact same thing.
I'm not sure if it was a premonition, or maybe Tom Clancy is Satan.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 17:26, Reply)
I dont know if this counts...
I keep on having dreams of owning this really cool ski hat I saw in a shop. Then it started snowing, yesterday I booked a skiing holiday, hazaa!
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 17:07, Reply)
Don't know how I knew...
I went out with my mates for a curry the other week - while I was chomping away on my chicken vindaloo I had this premonition that I was going to get the major shits.

The next day it felt like I'd been fucked up the bum with a spicy prize marrow.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 17:07, Reply)
Power cut.
My georaphy teacher was telling us all how that the areas around hospitals hardly ever get power cuts. That night while my computer was nearing the end of a 1.5gb download the power goes out.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 16:00, Reply)
Another one...
When I remove someone from my instant messenger buddy list, because I've not talked to them ages, they suddenly IM me.

Kind of creepy it is.
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 15:13, Reply)
On Tuesday last week I had a dream in which my fiancee won the lottery.

Next day ,we get and email from lottery HQ telling us we won 2.5 million quid. We sent off the 2 grand fee and got nothing in return*. that sucked ;-)

*Disclaimer: We didnt really send off the fee ;)
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 14:57, Reply)
More Smiths premonitions?
So I put on my Queen is Dead CD to check out the Di/Dodi premonition, and the when the following track came on (Some Girls are Bigger than Others), a really fat woman came in to my office. Coincidence?
(, Tue 23 Nov 2004, 14:56, Reply)

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