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This is a question Premonitions

When I was 14 I had a really scary dream about being run over. A few days later, as I gently bounced off the front of a volvo who seemed incapable of indicating, I found this vaguely reassuring.

Last week 'emadex' managed to respond to this weeks question a good five days ahead of time, so it would only be courteous to ask: What spooky premonitions have you had?

(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 19:52)
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This question is now closed.

Once I thought I could smell Parma Violets
So I enquired to my mum about whether we had any in the house, yep, one packet. sealed, eight paces away, in a drawer.

I ate the fuckers. :)
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 11:10, Reply)
I went to a psychic meeting once.
But when I turned up it had been called off due to unforeseen circumstances.
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 10:56, Reply)
caveman V chav
I had a weird dream a while ago that Fred Flinstone was booting the piss out if a wee ned/ chav/ scumbag. Strange. Last week, I was having my lunch break in Glasgow, as it was Friday and children in need day, there were lots of good-hearted twats dressed up in over sized foam costumes. (You know the ones with overly large head and shit) collecting money, carrying buckets and annoying most people. All the great comedy costumes were there, Mickey Mouse, Roadrunner, Dr Shipman, Fred and Rosemary West. All the jingle/jangle of the loose change in the buckets proved too much for one plucky little ned / chav, who timed his run perfectly, and made off with a bucket. He stop about half way up the street and to shout various taunts at the charitable twats in his foul Glasgow accent. So busy was the a fore mentioned scumbag, he did don’t notice a buff, sligh looking Fed Flintsone appear out of a ally way behind him, sneak up (hard to do when your head is larger than your upper torso) and aim a beautiful kick right up the ned / chav’s scabby little arse. Ned / chav obviously confused, dropped the bucket and did one, shouting back “Fred’s a pure wank, “ and “ your burd’s a ginger”. Although Fred did reclaim the money and was branded a hero, I have a feeling underneath his massive foam noggin; a single hurt filled tear rolled down his face. No one, not even cartoon cavemen can brush off being called a wank, and being reminded that your wife is a ginger. These are hard times indeed. He should have saw it coming. I did.
Sorry for length, not for girth.
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 10:15, Reply)
My premonition
I forsee that the Pope will die next Wednesday (1st Dec).

He's not dead already, is he?
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 9:41, Reply)
I sometimes get spooky deja vu
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 7:59, Reply)
I knew you were gonna say that
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 7:59, Reply)
I knew you were gonna say that
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 7:56, Reply)
I saw an ad for a psychic in a cafe...
...but he can't have been any good, because you had to phone and make an appointment.
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 5:43, Reply)
....are, like, so next week
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 0:33, Reply)
Either premonition or I know my mates too well
Sitting and drinking at the late night pub on campus, with some mates I turned and said to my mate sitting next to me, "That girl is going to get up and go to the toliet, my mate there is going to steal her seat. When she comes back, he won't move so my Richard there will offer his chair, which she'll refuse, and she'll sit on her boyfriend instead" This was completely unplanned and just a thought that had popped into my head.

The look on my friend's face as the events unfolded exactly as I predicted - Priceless.

His response; the generic "Dude, how did you know?"
"I didn't"
(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 0:01, Reply)
December 1988
I was 18 and in the Army in Germany.
One night, drunk, I dreamt that I was in the pyramid on the back of the Iron Maiden album 'Powerslave' ( Yeah, OK, I know. I was 18 FFS) Eddie the Head (the zombie dude off the cover) was there. He was explaining to us that the end of the world was coming.

To demonstrate his point he was showing us newspaper headlines reporting disasters. He showed us a story about a Russian Helicopter crashing ( at, I think, an airshow. It was in the news at the time) He showed us the Clapham Rail crash ( that was about 10 days earlier, but was still in the news.)

He then showed us "Jumbo Jet crashes on Scottish town"

The following evening, one of the blokes in my room was sent home to be with his family. They lived in Lockerbie. They got up to find a row of seats from the plane in their garden. The passengers were still sat in them.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 23:49, Reply)
Bout 2 yrs ago
my dads stepdad died. He lived in florida, so they had to fly the corpse in. The night before the funeral I had a strange dream. I dreamt that all manner of ppl, all dressed in black, some weeping, entered my parents yard. I dreamt a hearse, followed by a cortege of black cars. The mourners were in the yard now and the hearse backed into our garage, and the drivers of the hearse, much to my chagrin came out of the car and began to dig a hole in my garage. As soon as they were to lower the coffin into the grave, someone in the dream yelled, "Cor, thiss idnt tha graveyard innit?" Everyone agreed and laughed and returned the coffin to the car and left me with a gaping maw in my garage. the next day the news that customs officials in the states were searching the body for drugs and we had to postpone the funeral didnt surprise me.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 23:14, Reply)
I had one of my many many day-dreams about my aunt
who I hadn't seen for months falling pregnant

she turned up a few hours later, and sure enough - she was up the duff!

I'm very good at these things, but - I spend most of my days daydreaming, and my nights dreaming. So if I wrote down everything I had imagined during one day, and one thing came true - they'd be so much wrote down they'd say it was fluke :(
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 23:12, Reply)
My french teacher
is a bitch of the highest degree.
One lesson she was telling us all (in french) about an "hilarious" incident which occured when she was walking her dog Buster.
My friend Charlie and I were discussing a party we'd been to. French teacher notices, gets affronted and says:
"Right, get out, I don't want you in my lesson."
Charlie replies: "I hope your dog dies."

3 days later. French Teacher takes our lesson in tears, unusually quiet for her.
Buster never saw that Toyota coming.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 22:21, Reply)
Short and sweet
A mate of mine was going on holiday and at the airport(in the US I think), his dad said to him and his wife that he didnt like the look of one of the planes there. Sure enough that plane crashed..
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 21:21, Reply)
The funniest thing that ever happened to me at school
Having gone to a rather liberal and politically correct school, I thought I'd play the system a little. After having affectionately put my arm around the young lad next to me in the school photo, I was called up before the headmaster for mucking up the school photo. Facing a long time in detention, I decided to say that we were gay and that we wanted to come out through the school photo.

I was treated very delicately by them for their fear of being politically incorrect. I was let off the hook, but not entirely. Throughout the rest of my time at the school, I had to pretend I really was gay, otherwise all manner of punishment could have rained down upon me.

I'm still single.

And yes, that was my post for next week's question of the week "what was the funniest thing that ever happened to you at school?"
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 20:35, Reply)
A week ago
I had a dream that Princess Diana was going to crash a plane into Canary Wharf today.

Didn't happen, though.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 19:50, Reply)
I had a dream that one of the women I work with was pregnant.
There was no other reason for me to believe this but I emailed her about it anyway.

She then looked a little shocked and asked me whether it was a boy or a girl.

She's Iranian and I suspect she wanted me to say it was a boy. I said I didn't know and she then revealed she was pregnant but was scared to tell our boss in case he used it against her.

7 months later or so she had a baby girl.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 19:16, Reply)
throttle cable
On the way back from a drive with some mates I was thinking to myself how amusing it would be if the throttle cable snapped and there was no power.
Next roundabout my mate in a mini metro (E reg I seem to remember), as he pulls away the car jerks and he drifts to a stop. So we stop and find out his throttle cable snapped. wierd!
To make it back home (20ish miles) he swapped the choke cable (old car) over onto the accelerator and drove home by pulling the choke to accelerate and pushing it in to slow down. I think he got better performance then than with the pedal.

(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 18:41, Reply)
When I was about 6
I had a dream that all the roads on my way to school had flooded.

The next day, I went into the bathroom at school and there was water pouring out of the toilets. All our drains were blocked.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 17:52, Reply)
not witnesses for this one
Driving my car back to work after lunch I was daydreaming about air battles (doesn't everyone? over New York, something happened in New York that very afternoon....more wierdness
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 17:19, Reply)
Di dies?
I have witnesses for this one, over a couple (of dozen) pints with the lads yours truly quipped how Princess Diana would be more convenient dead...woke up in the morning with a bastard behind the eyes and news of Di's death on the news....weird
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 17:17, Reply)
Life imitates art
In Summer 2001 I wrote a play about airline terrorism, and a month or so later the September 11 attacks happened.
At the time I was on stage in a silly musical about some cows, written just in time for the run to coincide with the foot-and-mouth crisis.
The next year I directed a play about a man who falls to his death from a window in police custody, and in Spain a man fell to his death from a window in police custody a few days before the opening night.
A couple of weeks ago I was adapting another play to a modern British setting and wrote a scene about a car that got hit by a train on a level crossing. The day after I wrote that, a car got hit by a train on a level crossing.

Plays about particular people winning lotteries written on request, for a small percentage of profits.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 17:11, Reply)
I usually think of an answer to the Question of the Week when it closes.
No doubt it'll be the same this week.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 17:04, Reply)
sorry to be pedantic, but it's 'DEJA VU'...
it means 'already seen' in French.
'Vous' is the plural for 'You'...
That is all
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 15:56, Reply)
Beating the Dejavous out of you
When you have a Dejavous you get to a point where you start to know what is going to happen next, so overwhelmed by the weirdness of what is happening you see if it is going to happen and when it does your like wow I just had a Dejavous.

Some Dejavous are longer than others and more prominent and you can see what is going to happen more clearly than other times, sometimes what you think is going to happen doesn’t happen.

I had a Dejavous once in secondary school, it was the weirdest thing ever, I was with my lunch buddies as normal, a Dejavous started to happen, for some reason I said “a womans going to walk round that corner in a red skirt and slip over” it happened, she walked round the corner and fell over. I was branded a freak for the rest of my time in that form and it often comes up in pub conversations.

I just can’t believe I beat a Dejavous, since then it hasn’t happened again.

Does anyone know of anywhere where they study Dejavous, I believe it to be a kind of sixth sensory thing we have that we cannot yet harness to our benefit.
(, Wed 24 Nov 2004, 14:57, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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