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This is a question Premonitions

When I was 14 I had a really scary dream about being run over. A few days later, as I gently bounced off the front of a volvo who seemed incapable of indicating, I found this vaguely reassuring.

Last week 'emadex' managed to respond to this weeks question a good five days ahead of time, so it would only be courteous to ask: What spooky premonitions have you had?

(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 19:52)
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Constant De Ja Vu..
I dream quite often what will happen in the next few weeks, but nothing very relevant. Mostly in 2 second bursts. i.e Jokes a lecturer will crack, number plates, food menus.

Why can't I get the lottery numbers? :/
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:47, Reply)
i don't like this one
my mate suddenly stopped dead in the kitchen one day and said "i've got a REALLY horrible feeling that a man we know is going to be seriously hurt".

The next day, completely unexpected, my boyfriend's dad had committed suicide.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:46, Reply)
I once
Saw an oil tanker stuck on a sand bank in Redcar and then i had to walk down a side street to get to where i was living.When i got back onto the main street it was gone.

3 months later i was watching the news and an oil tanker had got stuck on a sand bank in the sea off Redcar.

I put it all down to me being a bit drunk and very tired at the time.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:45, Reply)
Before i was born even....
Well not me, my brothers. The old family story of how when my brother was a toddler he managed to say "shame about so and so's leg" about someone who was away on holiday one evening. When they came back it turned out they have broken their leg, and he'd had no possible way of knowing this.

I on the other hand have the uncanny ability to predict whats going to happen next in plays.. oh well, i can spoil them for people sitting near me at least..
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:34, Reply)
Who moved the desks?
I was in 5th grade, and the night before the day of school we were to be let out early for holidays, I had a dream I was standing outside the door of my classroom talking to my friend Heath. (Wtf kind of name is Heath...?) I looked in the door which was closed to see the teacher had rearranged the desks.

The very next day, I was talking to myfriend Heath, and without even thinking about the dream, looked in the door to find the desks arranged exactly as they were in the dream.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:32, Reply)
And I also sat up for no apparant reason whilst in bed and whispered, 'Something's coming...' In a creepier-than-usual voice.

That night we had an earthquake. One of the little ones no one cares about. But it still came.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:32, Reply)
I happened to be singing one of Seals, song. You know, 'Kissed by a rose... blah...' And I got to the bit 'and did you know, that when it snows...'

Pulled open my curtain, lo and behold, white flakes everywhere. And it wasn't dandruff.

I spent a while shouting, 'Snow?! Where the bloody hell did that come from? They didn't forecast any snow!'
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:29, Reply)
i often dream that i will be a rockstar
only time will tell.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:27, Reply)
nothing interesting really
just the occasional deja vu, but quite accurate deja vu of a conversation or something
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:21, Reply)
I have a weird ability
I can usually tell a few seconds ahead of when I'm going to get injured. This is not enough time to avoid it though, and I end up in pain anyway.
Actually, it could be just because I'm doing something stupid at the time, but it's weird that I always know when it's going to backfire.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:09, Reply)

Oh Lord, no.

(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 22:06, Reply)
I dreamt that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez from TLC would die
in a car crash, then woke up only to switch on the news to find out that she had died whilst I was asleep.

Also had a premonition of the feet space where my legs were in the back seat of a car was gonna get crushed, so i moved my legs... about 5 mins later a drunk joyrider (armed with a shotgun) crashed into us after falling asleep at the wheel, and where my feet were it was a mess of metal.

I also kinda knew that a speed boat that I was in was gonna crash about 30 seconds before it did out of the blue in the middle of the sea (it kinda fell apart), not that it didn't stop me smashing up my face a bit on impact.

Beginning to think that I'm either immortal or a bit weird.

I'm gonna find out which by jumping off a building.

I'll post again in 5 mins to let you know how I got on.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:56, Reply)
Not so much a premonition, well it could kind of be..
well me being schizophrenic, the voices, they tell me things, which is actually pretty disturbingly scary.. they predicted my whole day about 10 minutes before each event happened yesterday..
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:54, Reply)
I start singing a song,& then when I turn on the radio.. lo & behold: they are playing the exact same song.. in exactly the same place in the lyrics. Spooky eh? I think my fillings need upgrading ;)
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:52, Reply)
Internal Fan
I remember once when I was younger, I had a strange dream, in this dream I entered my room, and tried to switch on the light, but that did not work. (Have any of you tried switching on a light in a dream, for some bizare reason, this never works!) but anyway, after that I walked over to my computer, which was at that time an old IBM Model 30/286, I switched it on, and a message appeared on the screen saying "Internal fan not found" Most B3ta members know that such messages are not produced by computers, even todays machines just beep if there is a problem. I woke up and though "what a strange dream" and thought nothing of it until few months later when I finally upgraded to a new computer (this time a 486!) and sold my 286 to a friend, about six months later I got a phone call from him, he told me that he had to send the machine away for repair (this was before we learned to repair our machines ourselves) and it turned out that the internal fan had indeed stopped working. I then remembered the dream. I guess this could have been just a coincidence, but it did not seem that way at the time.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:44, Reply)
September 10th 2001
I was at Excel in east London for some irritating consumer electronics event and when I got bored of that, I wandered outside and started taking photos around the dock. You can see the towers at Canary Wharf just up the river from there, and as the planes took off and landed from the City Airport, I found myself thinking, "y'know, if you really wanted to bring down an important tower block, all you'd have to do would be to fly a plane into it. I wonder why nobody seems to have thought of that?" I even took some photos of the towers with planes nearby.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:42, Reply)
I wonder just how much I should say here. I dream about the future a lot, it freaks people out. But the best one was when I was going back to work after being on Christmas holidays last year. Driving in to the office I had a funny feeling that I didn't have a job anymore. I told my friend that worked there about it when I got in. That afternoon, right in front of my friend, my boss told me that the company that I worked for had decided to merge with another one based in a different area of the country and that since the office would be based there I was being made redundant and I had a month to find other employment. All I culd do was laugh and tell my friend "I told you so", I think he thought I was mad.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:35, Reply)
Not so much of a premonition...
...but I once had deja vu when I said "woah I just had deja vu"

You KNOW something's wrong when you start having deja vu...of having deja vu

Needless to say I was fairly freaked out for a good few minutes after it happened
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:28, Reply)
Last night I dreamt that I fell down, and kept on falling.
I'm going climbing tommorrow. Fuck.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:11, Reply)
About a week before the US elections
I had a dream where I met George W. Bush and the bugger turned out to be an alright bloke. After going down local and have a shy half or two, we decided to play tricks on the Secret Service people, with George pretending to be dead or us having fake fights.

On the run up to the election, however much I thought he was a douchebag, I found myself standing up for him in arguements over the election. Then when he won, I was kind of pleased. Sort of an premonition, i think.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:06, Reply)
I had a dream that John Kerry won the election
Oh. Are we only doing successful premonitions?
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 21:03, Reply)

I knew you were going to say that.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:55, Reply)
The Scary Bridge
Just recently, over the past month or so I have been having several weird dreams about a secluded bridge near where I live, and where I used to spend a lot of time as a kid. It's only today I discovered that the entire thing is being redeveloped... Not very exciting I know....:P

Wasn't there a terrible detective show around 1997, and the first episode involved a young girl forseeing her female teacher's death, having visions of her murdered body on a train, and even knowing where the weapon was. When it actually happens, she gets arrested of course!! After much interrogation, a scientist flounces in and explains that she is innocent, and can see into the future because of something called "The Alpha State" (?). No, it wasn't a sci-fi, it was a proper cop show.... Needless to say whatever it was, it didn't last long....
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:46, Reply)
I once dreamt that Princess Diana died in a horrific car-crash.
It was a good few years after her death, but I wonder if mine was just a bit late?
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:45, Reply)
While ive had no premonitions..
me and my mate share this strange bond in which we often say the same things at the same time. Two such examples are our dislike at boost bars which we both randomly said AT THE EXACT same time while in a convosation about chocolate. Another was when we were crossing the itchen bridge in southampton, which is famous for jumpers (they even have phone numbers printed on the bar for suiside help). Anyway we were talking about things that could be in the river like sharks (?), needles, trollies and at the EXACT same time we both mentioned Dan Nolan, a local lad who had drowned.
Its a reoccuring thing which scares us sometimes.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:38, Reply)
I had a dream in which I was trying to find John Peel
This was 2 days before he died :(
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:33, Reply)
when i was 9 years old
i had a premontion in that carla rodgers (bitch) would steal my boyfriend (sam curzons) by making me ask him out for her or else she would beat me up. a week later this happened :(
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:10, Reply)
My good how odd
Well i had this dream where I was typing on my keyboard for this amusing forum and my house blew up and then I fo
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:08, Reply)
woo third!!
im always getting de ja vu, even just a small snippet of conversation or a full day, i feel i have seen these things before.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:08, Reply)
Not really a premonition but a bit psychic
watched half of a film on TV, put the video on, went to bed, and had a dream about how it ended.
woke up the next day, and my dream was what happened in the half i didnt see.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 20:05, Reply)

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