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This is a question Procrastination

Outlook is a wonderful tool, but not when it keeps reminding you that it is now 96 weeks since you were supposed to finish a report you haven't even started yet.

Just how lazy are you? How long will you put off the essential or the inevitable? What do you fill the time with?

(We're too lazy to write something funny here. You do it.)

(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 18:18)
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3 years at university studying Geology...
...and I found myself working for a company digging cassiterite (SNO2) out of the ground in a God forsaken part of Bolivia. I wouldn't mind but everyone there had the tact of a pork salesman at a Jewish wedding. Some poor sod got crushed in a sub surface rock fall and they all thought it was hilarious!

I wasn't amused. I was quite friendly with a minor government official who had a thing for British food(!) and we hung around together. I told him about this sort of thing - complained about the safety of the place and how people treated the death of workers with insensitivity and stupidity.

He thought it was funny too - even told the story to lots of his mates in his department...who ALSO thought it was funny.

That's when I realised I was in a pro-crass `tin' nation.
(, Mon 17 Nov 2008, 17:28, 6 replies)
Don't you mean
(, Mon 17 Nov 2008, 18:53, closed)
Always one...
(, Mon 17 Nov 2008, 19:02, closed)
It's a green, runny substance.

Ning, Dax. How's it going over there?
(, Mon 17 Nov 2008, 20:24, closed)
That is actually a real chemical
tin(i)tritium oxide
(, Mon 17 Nov 2008, 23:52, closed)
ah...I was wondering wtf
SNO2 was.
(, Mon 17 Nov 2008, 21:10, closed)
And even then
its still not even tin its tin(iv)oxide
(, Mon 17 Nov 2008, 23:50, closed)

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