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This is a question Public Transport Trauma

Completely Underwhelmed writes, "I was on a bus the other day when a man got on wearing shorts, over what looked like greeny grey leggings. Then the stench hit me. The 'leggings' were a mass of open wounds, crusted with greenish solidified pus that flaked off in bits as he moved."

What's the worst public transport experience you've ever had?

(, Thu 29 May 2008, 15:13)
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Didn't happen to me personally, but I can feel the pain.
When my dad was a student he had a summer job checking tickets at Newcastle Central Station. Now, there was in those days a train service that ran direct between Edinburgh and Newcastle, and another train that ran the same route but stopped at Berwick upon Tweed and various other local stations. You can judge the age of this story by the fact that they actually ran more than one train a day.

Anyway, one morning a chap arrived on the Edinburgh train absolutely enraged because he had actually wanted to go to Berwick, and had been assured that the train he'd got on would stop there. And he'd stood at the door of the carriage with a dismayed expression as the train cruised happily (this was the 1950s, trains were happy in those days) straight through Berwick, with only time for a quick wave to his wife waiting on the platform. And he wanted to know What Would Be Done About It.

Well, these days the railway staff would just laugh at you and tell you to be more careful next time, but this was age of the New Elizabethan, so they apologised nicely and put him onto the correct train back towards Edinburgh. The one that would stop at Berwick Upon Tweed.

Towards the end of the shift, the very same bloke appears. He's now beyond rage and well on the way to having a heart attack, by the look of things.

Yes, my dad and his mate had put him back on the direct Newcastle to Edinburgh train by mistake. Once more he had stood at the door as the train trundled past his sadly waving wife at the station, this time in the other direction.

He'd arrived at Edinburgh fit to kill someone.

The Edinburgh station staff had apologised nicely and calmed him down a bit.

And then put him straight back onto the direct Edinburgh to Newcastle train again.
(, Thu 29 May 2008, 17:57, 4 replies)
What can I say to that other than absolutely fantastic.

(, Thu 29 May 2008, 19:36, closed)
*Giggles like a loon*
Even if the station of the poor bloke's desire hadn't been my home town, it would still get a click.
(, Thu 29 May 2008, 21:34, closed)
Ha ha
Class, that made me laugh out loud.

(, Fri 30 May 2008, 9:48, closed)
Variation on a theme:
I worked at Preston Station when it was still British Rail.
One morning one of the platform staff was asked by a rather bedraggled gent where the next train to Watford was.
His tale of woe:
He'd boarded the first train at about 5am to go to Watford. He fell asleep and woke up at Euston.
The staff there put him on the next fast train to Watford, which was a Preston intercity.
Between Euston and Watford he fell asleep again.
Yep, he woke up back at Preston. (To be 100% accurate he woke up at Wigan with the guard wanting to stamp his ticket so he couldn't use it again. He rather forcefully declined the offer.)
(, Fri 30 May 2008, 20:47, closed)

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