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This is a question Public Transport Trauma

Completely Underwhelmed writes, "I was on a bus the other day when a man got on wearing shorts, over what looked like greeny grey leggings. Then the stench hit me. The 'leggings' were a mass of open wounds, crusted with greenish solidified pus that flaked off in bits as he moved."

What's the worst public transport experience you've ever had?

(, Thu 29 May 2008, 15:13)
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Not exactly public transport
Couple of weeks ago I got told to remove my transformers t-shirt at Heathrow Terminal 5 to get through airport security. Told so because he was carrying a gun according to the security guy.

Anyway, after posting about it on my blog, the story broke.

I got on page 15 of "The Sun" on Monday.


BBC heard about it, and sent over a film crew. The news article:


And the interview that aired at 6:30 pm in London:


I got a pint out of it from the BBC. Which since it came from my license fees, tasted even better.

It even got as far that my Mum in Brisbane, Australia saw my picture on an early morning chat show talking about it.

So yeah, pretty crappy experience having to change my t-shirt at terminal 5, been interesting the fallout though.

Anyway, the worst experience is to come I'm sure, as I expect I've been put on a "black list" for extra special treatment next time I go through an airport, for showing what fools BAA are.

EDIT: BTW, the most amusing thing about the whole thing is reading comments on blogs/news sites around the world. They range from those giving grief to a 30 year old wearing a transformers t-shirt, to those arguing that it isn't Megatron, it's Optimus Prime.

My favourite comment so far "That's not a Brad, it's a Robert in disguise"
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 20:14, 15 replies)
Just as ridiculous as pilots not being allowed to take water through security - because a bottle of water is the most dangerous thing we get our hands on during our working day...
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 20:19, closed)
I'm pretty sure you've won this.

(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 20:26, closed)
Have a big *click*
next time, try a t-shirt with a picture of a medieval knight, complete with sword!
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 20:38, closed)
Wow, a b3tan on the news!
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 20:53, closed)
Woo yay!
The best example of anarcho-tyrrany I've seen yet!

Did you get their names so you can publicly humiliate them?
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 20:59, closed)
don't got no sense
There's no way to talk any sense into these people, is there?

I think I found my next airport shirt. Where'd you get it?
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 21:27, closed)
response to q's
Unfortunately didn't get their names.

Got the tee at selfridges. Limited run, so don't know if you can still get it, though a mate of mine in Oz found some.
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 21:38, closed)
Ebay it ...
... for charidee. Then you can get more publicity, and another free BBC pint.

Get the Sun involved as well, they might like it. Even the Daily Mail might give you some support (political correctness gone mad, I tell you).

Is it true they said 'if you change back into it after you go through security, you will be arrested'?
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 21:49, closed)
Yeah, if this isn't on 'best' there's something very wrong
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 22:12, closed)
What utter idiots.
Now you will have to fly all over the world in that shirt and see how many airports make you change.
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 22:59, closed)
Thought about doing the ebay auction for about 5 seconds, but I'm going to prefer framing the tshirt above the sun article and putting it on my wall. This is the one time I'm going to be in the national press, so got to remember it.

And yep, after I had changed, and I hadn't said anything bad or even argued with them(though I did have a very pissed off look at my face according to the ppl I was with), the supervisor warned me while I was picking up my bags & laptop, that if I changed back into it they would have me arrested.
(, Wed 4 Jun 2008, 23:05, closed)
It made the news in Canberra
I've been showing a few people 'round here that story.

It is one of the more ridiculous things I've ever heard of. As I posted in another forum, all the more ridiculous as I am aware of someone who flew from Australia to the UK, around Europe and back to Australia, the whole time inadvertently carrying a box of razor blades and swiss army knife in their carry on luggage. Yet they pick on a Transformers shirt, because obviously Islamist Terrorists would recognize the power of the shirt as so effective that they will be willing to risk bearing a graven image in furtherance of their ultimate goal...

I've been through security having animated debates about Shining Path or the GLA without them batting an eyelid, but should they catch site of a book in Arabic in my bag then it's time for questions. Makes you realise what a sad, simplistic world we live in today.
(, Thu 5 Jun 2008, 1:58, closed)
Old news!
I saw this when you posted it on Fark. :P And I still sponsored you for TotalFark. Was going to ask you if you were a b3tan, but it slipped my mind.
(, Thu 5 Jun 2008, 5:05, closed)
Ha, I'm a 30 year old with a Transformers tattoo...
...fuck, I'm flying back to the UK in a couple of weeks, and I can't really take it off.

Anyway, have a click and yes, your story made it as far as Singapore.
(, Thu 5 Jun 2008, 7:36, closed)
you see the remake in the register using playmobil?
(, Thu 5 Jun 2008, 8:47, closed)

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