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This is a question Question of the Week suggestions

Each week we ask a question. The idea is to generate material that's:

* interesting to read, i.e. we won't get bored of reading the answers after about 10 of them
* not been asked on this site before
* fun to answer

What would you like to ask? (We've left this question open - so feel free to drop in ideas anytime.)

(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:01)
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What phrases
or traditions does your family have?
How did they come about?
Do other people think they are strange?
(, Wed 8 Oct 2008, 23:04, 5 replies, latest was 14 years ago)
the only tradition my family has
is too make a series of godawful jokes and play-on-word puns that make some of the qotw entries look like pulitzer prize winners every time we have trifle as a pudding.
(, Thu 9 Oct 2008, 10:03, Reply)
We have plenty
but the only one I can think of right now is pegging each other.

It has been going on for about... 20 years or so, I think. It merely involves applying a clothes peg to the clothes (or person, but it's a lot trickier) of a family member which must remain undetected for as long as possible.
(, Mon 13 Oct 2008, 22:36, Reply)
Haha no way...
My friends and I all play peggy, it's literally the most annoying thing in the world.

We've even coined the phrase 'peganoia', when someone lightly brushes your back and you spend the next few minutes groping yourself like a loon to determine if you've been pegged or not!
(, Fri 21 Nov 2008, 10:59, Reply)
Are you sure?
(, Tue 14 Oct 2008, 9:10, Reply)
Shame on you!
and curse the internets for making our innocent childish game all filthy like!
(, Tue 14 Oct 2008, 22:28, Reply)

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