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This is a question Racist grandparents

It Came From Planet Aylia says: "My husband's mad Auntie Joan accused the man seven doors down of stealing her milk as he was the first black neighbour she had. She doesn't even get her milk delivered." Tell us about casual racism from oldies.

Thanks to Brayn Dedd who suggested this too

(, Thu 27 Oct 2011, 11:54)
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me, The Lovely Mrs Ring Of Fire and our girl where on a train to York when a load of Football fans got on. With glances over to my family a group of them decided now was the time to go through their repertoire of racist jokes and comments. Within a few minutes my little girl had been introduced to some new words, sambo, nigger, wog, coon. I asked them to stop, we tried to move but the way was blocked, threats where made. Each joke teller was trying to push the boundary, there were jokes with niggers being hanged from trees, drowning wogs, burning black men....just jokes mind.

And that was the day the world became a bit of a nastier place for my little girl, when she realised that she was second class, subhuman in some peoples eyes.

Now we've taken a corner of the internet that's supposed to be a bit of a laugh and polluted it with this shit. Forever in the archives and being returned in searches.

Some of the worst posts have disappeared, but there's still much shit on here that was pretty much word for word, on the list of jokes from those guys.

And that's why I don't like it.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 16:40, 44 replies)
but one of the most powerful weapons against ignorance is exposing the inherent ridiculousness of it.
I take great pleasure in puncturing ignorance when I encounter it, through satire and humour.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 16:55, closed)


Alf Garnet was a closely observed figure of fun, created over a period of years by great writing and the performance of one of the best actors this country has known. And even then there's many people who didn't get the point and 'agreed with Alf'

What chance does posting a racist joke on a forum and saying 'my grandad said' at the end have of being some sort of killer comedy blow against racisim
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 17:13, closed)
I agree with you
AND DOZ-One, too.
Because the only way to turn hatred and intolerance on its head is to laugh it out of existence.
Consider the worst swear word in the world is probably 'cunt'. It is supposed to be like the ultimate insult - eew. a woman's sexual organ. how low-down and disgusting.
I disagree.
In fact - I am in possession of a cunt and I LIKE IT.

I do feel sorry for your little girl but she was gonna find out - although you no doubt would have preferred it to be much later/never - but at least you were there to hold her hand and explain to her how some people just suck.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 17:07, closed)
I've always assumed that b3ta was aimed at a mature audience,
albeit an immature, mature audience, and so don't let my kids look at it.

That's not to excuse that happened on the train, but it's not really comparable.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 17:13, closed)

I think it is. Instead of the protection of the group, there's the protection of Internet anonymity and an excuse to wheel out the old racist jokes wrapped in a couple of lines about a racist grandad.

It's not satire, it's not a withering attack on the far right it just people having fun by being naughty. Not all the posts, but enough.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 17:47, closed)

Anyway, I think I've got it out of my system.

I am now going to lie in a hot bath with a copy of the New Scientist, which judging by the front cover has a study about how fucking stupid Americans are.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 18:05, closed)
This is different though.
Racist twats here can, and will be, mercilessly mocked as they have no power over anyone else. Discussions on the internet are a level playing field and any battles are fought with wits so bullying, ignorant, bigoted pricks tend to find themselves out-gunned and out numbered.
Just look at the posts following a certain comment about "light brown bottom feeders" and you ought to be heartened that not everyone is a racist piece of excrement.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 17:23, closed)
In some of the posts it's different, in some it's exactly the same.
There's plenty of posts where it's more about how funny the one liner is than the ridiculousness of the teller.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 17:38, closed)
And anti-click for everyone who says "oh no, we're satirising racism, you don't get it."
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 17:48, closed)
You must be right.
And all the pictures of the twin towers on /board are a ringing endorsement of Al Quaeda.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 18:24, closed)
No you're right
those pictures have brought an end to Islamic fundamentalist belief and violence.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 18:50, closed)
Oh noes, this irrerverent, comedy website has failed to make the world a better place.
I shall be cancelling my membership and ending my life, forthwith.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 19:05, closed)

Exactly. It's irreverent comedy, not blow against, or succor to Al Qaeda.

I don't like racist irreverent comedy.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 19:22, closed)
But that's not even what the question is about.
It just happens that a lot of idiots don't understand it.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 19:30, closed)

I'm not attacking the question, I'm attacking the outcome.

If it was up to me I'd say

"There are too many cunts using this as an excuse to post their favourite racist joke, lets fix the problem" But all hell broke loose when that was tried.

I'm not 'upset on the internet', it's seeing this place of stupidity and time wasting contaminated that I don't like.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 19:47, closed)
What you've got to remember is that this is the place that spawned sickipedia,
and if you've been over there lately it makes the worst offenders on here look tame. Also, if the mods actually bothered to mod properly then none of this would be an issue.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 19:54, closed)

There's worse racism somewhere else


the racism posted here is the mods fault.

Weak man, weak.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 20:08, closed)
That's not really the point I was trying to make.
The mods do have a responsibility to do something about the genuine racism on here, just like anywhere else on the internet. This question was never intended to be a conduit for Jim Davidson routines, and those that are treating it as such are for the most part getting the responses they deserve. The point about sickipedia was meant to show that this place does, always has and always will contain its fair share of fucking arseholes, and there's genuinely nothing you can do about it other than use the ignore button.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 20:52, closed)
I am being an obnoxious cunt about this, but
that does sound like nothing more than an expansion on; there's worse elsewahere and it's the mods fault, with the addition of why not ignore it.

To be blunt, i don't give a fuck about other places and mods and I'm not going to ignore it.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 21:52, closed)
Fair enough.
I thought there'd maybe be some laughs to be had, but it's been completely overshadowed by idiots and complaining, so fuck it, I'll go back to mocking spastics and not try to contribute again.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 22:23, closed)
so now you're trying to shift the blame for mocking spastics, is there no end to your evil.

(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 22:25, closed)
You must be able to see that qotw is a lost cause?

(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 22:31, closed)
qotw is a 'cause'.
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 1:32, closed)
What cause?
If you don't like it leave, switch off the screen, etc etc
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 11:00, closed)
Says 1 of the smart arses who thought it would be fun to troll qotw with a racist themed question.

(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 21:49, closed)
I was in no way trying to troll qotw with the question,
I honestly thought it'd provide some good stories, which it did until the racists appeared and the more pathetic users starting banging their attention drums.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 22:09, closed)
Sorry BD I got distracted - my "I totally believe you cause neither you nor janet would ever try to troll qotw" machine
just pinged.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 22:55, closed)
I find myself in agreement with Mr O'Fire here.
This distresses me somewhat. But not as much as the rest of you cunts.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 18:14, closed)

whenever you're nice to me I'm still left with a nasty after-taste
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 18:54, closed)
You should wash your hands thoroughly after shaking hands with someone.
Especially before you rub them on your tongue.
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 3:54, closed)
I eat too much asparagus.

(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 18:37, closed)
Fair point, dude.
I was going to tell a story about something astoundingly racist a relative of mine once did but, on due reflection, it's better forgotten.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 18:19, closed)

Genuinely pleased to read that.

We take the piss out of racists by taking the piss out of racists, not by manufacturing an excuse to publish racist epithets and jokes.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 19:02, closed)
but but but...
how else would we trap all the racists in one place for the bi-annual slaughter??
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 3:58, closed)
The difference here is that you are completely free to leave.

(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 18:55, closed)
I can understand this, and in part I agree with you.
I have not a fucking clue what it is like to be the victim of racism - of course I don't. I'm white. I've not got the right to say 'that's not racist, it's just a laugh', because I am never going to be the victim of it.

I would say though that those who are making racist remarks and disguising them as 'gran said' are being roundly mocked and hounded. Which is how it should be.
(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 20:28, closed)

(, Fri 28 Oct 2011, 22:40, closed)

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