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This is a question Random Acts of Kindness

Crackhouseceilidhband asks: Has anyone ever been nice to you, out of the blue, for no reason? Have you ever helped an old lady across the road, even if she didn't want to? Make me believe that the world is a better place than the media and experience suggest

(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 13:03)
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I once bought an egg, bacon & sausage muffin with a cup of tea for a tramp who lived under a bridge in Manchester on my way to work as it was snowing and had been all night. I knew he must have been really cold and as I had passed him every day for a week or so and he had not harassed me for cash I thought it would be a nice gesture (payday flashness). When I passed him the said fayre he looked me in the eye, not with gratitude but with anger. "I dont fucking drink tea, can you go back and change it for a coffee" were the words ringing in my ears as I walked off cursing. "And theres no brown sauce either" was the last I heard and saw of him.
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 13:20, 6 replies)
maybe the lesson in this
would be to ask next time, "I'm just buying a bit of lunch - can I get you something?"
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 13:34, closed)
Either this,
or let them make the first move. They may not want your pity.
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 14:51, closed)
They're tramps for a reason
Usually it's mental problems or substance/alcohol/drug abuse. Sadly giving them money or food won't help... sadly there's not much more that can be done to help other than something extreme like enforced sobriety at some kind of boot camp.
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 14:33, closed)

Well that was over 20 years ago and I have never felt inclined to offer anything to traps or homeless since. Once bitten ....
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 16:37, closed)
Like Auschwitz?
Hmmm, I think it's been tried already.
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 17:13, closed)
Wise words, my friend.
Giving money or food to homeless, mentally ill people should be strongly discouraged.
What next - a roof over their head?
(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 20:40, closed)

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