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This is a question Money-saving tips

I'm broke, you're broke, we're all broke. Even the smug guy on the balcony with the croissant hasn't got two AmEx gold cards to rub together these days. Tell everybody your schemes to save cash.

(, Thu 10 Nov 2011, 18:09)
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Actually do some saving with online banking.
This is for people who do have a bit of spare cash at the end of each month but can't resist spunking it up against the wall after seeing that you still have some left when you do a balance check at an ATM:

If you have online banking with a facility to set up multiple virtual accounts set up one called 'Savings' - Configure a standing order to move whatever amount you think you won't miss each month on payday and forget about it for 12 months.

Even if it's only a tenner a month after the first month you won't miss it and at the end of the period you'll have a nice little pot to spend on Heroin for Whores. Or Toys for the kids at Christmas if you must.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 10:05, 3 replies)
Hah. We have something similar.
We pay £50/month into a savings account for my daughter.

Every now and then I nick it all.

Owe her more than a grand at the moment. :D
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 11:08, closed)
both of the above.
Besides my current account I have a couple of savings a/cs and my daughter's savings available online, all with small amounts on standing order after payday.

Though we run into the overdraft most months it's very handy to have that little stash when stuff like the car insurance comes around. I've so far avoided raiding my daughters savings, tempting as it is when i'm brassic. It does remind me that i've not set one up for my poo yet (18 months old now) so I owe him a hundred quid to keep them even.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:45, closed)
That'll never catch on.
Seriously your reply to the question of money saving tips is actually to literally save some money every month, and not be tempted to spend it? Genius
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 14:31, closed)

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