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This is a question Saying the Unsayable

Freddie Woo tugged our coat and asked: Have you ever had to tell someone they had BO? Had to break dreadful news to somebody? Tell us how you broke through the cringe barrier

(, Thu 10 Jan 2013, 16:09)
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funnily enough, it was a BO of staggering proportions
and I naturally waited until I lost my temper and said "frank, you fucking stink mate! shit!! have a shower, get some deoderant or something!!"

turns out he showered 'every day' and didn't agree with deodorant...

so I likened him to farting constantly all day long, and asked if he could stop it. it was fierce. he had a 5m radius around him that smelt like rotten pickled onions, and it was a hot summer in London with 20 people and 20 pcs and no aircon in a tiny room...

it did work, although these days I'd be more tactful and less "You fucking wreak mate, it's making us feel sick!" :)
(, Fri 11 Jan 2013, 2:24, 3 replies)
Well, yeah,
but aren't you just literally answering the question here?
(, Fri 11 Jan 2013, 3:11, closed)
not wreak
(, Fri 11 Jan 2013, 15:05, closed)
Capital letter to start your post.

(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 19:30, closed)

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