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This is a question Inflated Self-Importance

Amorous Badger asks: Tell us tales of people who have a high opinion of themselves. Jumped-up officials, the mad old bloke who runs the Neighbourhood Watch like it's a military operation, Colonel Blimps, pompous bastards and people stuck up their own arse.

(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 12:22)
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This lot
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 13:54, 16 replies)

(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 13:57, closed)
I like the ones
Where they get really angry: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/1664245-To-have-shouted-at-a-women-in-the-Asda-toilet
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 14:01, closed)
That 2nd one is brilliant.
I have to wonder about a user with the login of 'MaureenShit'. Brilliant.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 14:19, closed)


(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 14:40, closed)
Maybe that's what he was talking about?

There was one on there the other week where someone was upset that she'd made a cake and it wasn't as good as it could have been but her husband had eaten a bit anyway and said it was fine. What a bastard!

Here you go: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/1664850-to-be-furious-with-dh-for-eating-cakes-he-knew-were-destined-for-the-bin
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 14:47, closed)
That is brilliant.
"My husband is a cunt for eating my cakes that were a bit burnt and I was going to through out"

FFS love calm down, christ sake.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 15:16, closed)

"It embarrasses me Jins because they are not the best I can do so to me he is insulting me by eating them when I have asked him not to!"

Eating things is insulting now?
(, Sat 26 Jan 2013, 20:49, closed)
Jesus Christ!
I have tears of laughter running down my face.

Oh fucking hell, if only you could bottle the venom and anger.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 14:45, closed)
The whole of Mumsnet are nutters
It's all too easy to imagine them: mad staring eyes, sunglasses in all weathers, BMW X5s, bitching for England at the school gates and yet deep down knowing that their husbands are going to dump them for a secretary within ten years. Power mad queen bees, the lot of them.

Good for an occasional laugh, though.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 15:26, closed)
Sounds like QOTW/OT/Talk

(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 16:32, closed)
Anyone on there got an imaginary dog?

(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 20:29, closed)
I hope so.

(, Fri 25 Jan 2013, 9:16, closed)
Fucking hell
Just the subject lines were giving me the sneering condescending who-gives-a-shit rage...

I daren't open a thread, I fear my impotent fury might be harmful
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 20:06, closed)
I'm finding all their abbreviations confusing.
I can understand why they might be upset with the Department of Health, but what has the creature from species got to do with anything.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 20:36, closed)
I spend too much time on there
and have learned the lingo. DH is dear husband, and SIL is sister in law. Both are regularly villains, but then pretty much everyone is on AIBU.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 20:47, closed)
There's a whole CPOAA*
*Cunting Page of Annoying Abbreviations, the link to which is at the top of the forum topics list. From the few I've been able to read before my blood pressure spiked, they would all appear to need a good dose of CalmTheFuckDown, or cunting in the fuck, whichever has the shorter waiting list.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 23:21, closed)

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