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This is a question Inflated Self-Importance

Amorous Badger asks: Tell us tales of people who have a high opinion of themselves. Jumped-up officials, the mad old bloke who runs the Neighbourhood Watch like it's a military operation, Colonel Blimps, pompous bastards and people stuck up their own arse.

(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 12:22)
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One for the professionals..
PAs - the jumped-up secretaries of Directors of a company. Took several years of efforts to get one of them put in her place (redundancy) who thought she had a right to talk down to people who'd actually had to get a qualification and years of experience to hold their positions....
(, Sun 27 Jan 2013, 17:24, 16 replies)
You tragic fuck.

(, Sun 27 Jan 2013, 18:43, closed)
One for the professionals?
Shan't read it then as I'm just an ordinary mortal and clearly not good enough.
(, Sun 27 Jan 2013, 19:38, closed)

OK, poor phrasing of my mind - what I meant really was 'one for everyone who worked hard for a qualification, only to be treated like they're ignorant serfs by someone who sucked a lot of cocks to reach a higher salary' !!!!
(, Sun 27 Jan 2013, 23:26, closed)
As someone I know has said in the past
"There's only one way to look at a PA - Posterior Angle."
(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 0:20, closed)
By "everyone who worked hard for a qualification" do you mean "mugs who put off full-time work for several years and now get paid next to fuck-all because they don't have any accredited skills or relevant work experience"?

(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 0:46, closed)
This bitter envy and misogyny is making you look terribly attractive.
Are you a fat wife swapper from the dull suburbs of Australia?
(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 20:16, closed)
And yet they still got paid more than you.
(, Sun 27 Jan 2013, 19:38, closed)
As someone who has had a PA for the last 10 years or so
You have no idea how much difference a good PA makes in helping you do your job. They often speak with the delegated authority of their manager and have considerable influence. So I suggest you're nice to them.
(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 7:32, closed)
Right here.
(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 9:52, closed)
... speaks the voice of a drone who's never had an important enough job to warrant a secretary.

(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 20:16, closed)
you got someone fired because she wasn't giving you the respect you think you deserve?

Yup, this is a top story about self importance. Yours.
(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 11:52, closed)
Irony writ large.
A good PA is a blessing. A self important boss who gets you sacked as some kind of come uppance is a wanker.
(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 12:48, closed)
Oh, I don't thin he's anyone's boss.....

(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 22:39, closed)
Nobody comes out of this looking good.
Except the PA that you got made redundant.
(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 15:11, closed)
This went well.

(, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 19:27, closed)
I could never have a PA.
No way is anyone sticking a massive needle through MY bell-end.
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 0:21, closed)

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