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This is a question Siblings

Brothers and sisters - can't live with 'em, can't stove 'em to death with the coal scuttle and bury 'em behind the local industrial estate. Tell us about yours.

Thanks to suboftheday for the suggestion -we're keeping the question open for another week for the New Year

(, Thu 25 Dec 2008, 17:20)
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my big bro: This is but one text he sends me while wasted:
'Marsupial neon bush octopus custard refinerys inc use casio electron udder custardbilge (r) pressure silos to store flatulent octocustard (r) safely and is refined into bombergopter (r) and spacehopper(r) glopcells (r) for export to belgiums cavernous subterrainean sproutmining facilities to fuel the buttercurd propaganda waffleator (r) ovens which stop Belgians driving themselves into the sea! Support the marsuprial neon bush octopuss custard refineries inc and save children from eating sprouts thank you!
Yours loathingly Dr Snorke company ceo'
whats more worrying is he can explain this in a way that makes sense when sober. love my brothers! a bombergopter is supposedly a minimoto with spacehoppers for wheels. I don't understand the Belgian bit, why would they drive themselves into the sea....maybe it's eating sprouts...Sorry!! if Belgians are offended I am just writing what was texted!! One last note, stop and think what a marsuprial octopus would look like o.0
(, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 0:18, 4 replies)
predictive text innit

(, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 2:00, closed)
Would dearly love a phone with "Octocustard" programmed into the predictive text.
(, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 2:42, closed)
And this week...
....the EffinDoubt prize for Surrealism goes to... YOUR BROTHER! (crowd goes wild).

..looks like he'll get it next week too... New QotW pleaaaassseee!
(, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 10:23, closed)
Marsupial octopus...
Hmmm... I'm thinking they live in trees and drop down silently to smother their victims to death... But I've just had chili for lunch and that tends to make me think of animals and how fecking dangerous they can be... (Im still waiting for hordes of pidgeons to gang to gather and take over London. Its gonna happen, oh yes it is)...
(, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 14:27, closed)

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