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This is a question Stags and Hens

Mictoboy asks: Everybody knows that stag and hen parties are a veritable gateway to Hell, and quite the worst thing to happen to anybody full stop. So, tell us what happened.

(, Thu 30 Jan 2014, 16:00)
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Stag night planning FAIL
Last year I was a Best Man, and had the task of planning the stag. This wasn't to be a wild night of debauchery; the groom wanted a day of various fun activities. A list of potential ideas was formed, and one of them was to do a brewery tour - as we're all fans of BEER, and there are several great breweries in our area.

However, after phoning around, I discovered that they all had huge waiting lists, particularly on Saturdays, and it just wasn't going to be possible. Reluctantly I told the groom that we'd have to abandon that particular idea.

He then gleefully pointed out that it was now official: I couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery...

(, Wed 5 Feb 2014, 11:22, 5 replies)

Should have 'phoned 'round the nearest brothels and seen if you could at least get him laid.
(, Wed 5 Feb 2014, 11:37, closed)
It seems reasonable that the breweries would have waiting lists, hardly your fault.
However, you should have gone to Belgium and had some decent beer.
(, Wed 5 Feb 2014, 12:31, closed)
Oh, you terrible troll.

(, Wed 5 Feb 2014, 13:15, closed)
Yes, Belgium certainly does have decent beer
- I'm particularly fond of Gueuze.

But so does Sussex.
(, Thu 6 Feb 2014, 11:29, closed)
Overly hopped crap.

(, Thu 6 Feb 2014, 16:50, closed)

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