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This is a question Stalked

Have you been stalked? Or have you done the stalking? Is that you in the bushes outside with the nightvision goggles?

(, Thu 31 Jan 2008, 15:40)
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Bad Person
I joined simply to reply to every message with

'I can't beleive you're telling them all about us, incidentally hows life treating you nowadays? I see you've had your hair cut'

Does that make me an asshole?
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 12:21, 7 replies)
It makes you a fucking morron

Welcome to my Ignore list
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 13:35, closed)
If you could click 'I like this' for replies, I'd click a 1000 times!
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 13:38, closed)
You can do better
ppfffft, lacks originality.

I'm sure I'll be quite happy there

(edit, incidentally not really why I joined, thought that would be quite obvious, but maybe the subtleties of that statement didn't quite come across)
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 13:43, closed)
"maybe the subtleties of that statement didn't quite come across"
The 'subtleties' of the statement were non-existent.

Like the humour.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 14:31, closed)
MoD missed the point
I thought it was funny.

welcome etc.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 14:42, closed)
fuck me
there are some grumpy c*nts on here.
I thought your post was hardly distressing at all.
There are one or two messages that don't really deserve such a reply, but for fuck's sake this is b3ta.
Hence knobheads like mr first up there need to go and read up on the sick jokes site.

\edit for badgers... ok ok... I change it (although he's going to find a good deal of them there)
(, Wed 6 Feb 2008, 0:29, closed)
oh please, please no more maddie jokes.
(, Wed 6 Feb 2008, 2:00, closed)

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