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This is a question Stalked

Have you been stalked? Or have you done the stalking? Is that you in the bushes outside with the nightvision goggles?

(, Thu 31 Jan 2008, 15:40)
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Scary Girls
not so much a stalker story as an observation.

I have in the past had my own experience with a nutter female who will. not. go. away.

She left flowers on my car, and bought me a teddy to try and get me back.

Having noticed a trend in lots of your stories my observation is this - Why do girls trying to win the affections of a boy buy them fucking flowers and teddies?

I mean come on, why not a socket set? or some lager, or even better porn ?

Length ? took me 3 months to persuade her to leave me alone...
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:30, 17 replies)
Good point
I'd do anyone for a scalextrix set
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:34, closed)
Any woman who bought me a properly good quality socket set would have to work very hard to keep me out of her knickers. I really struggle with my cheap set.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:34, closed)
you should try being me. I got a socket set for Christmas, one stalker bought me beer and I'm forever getting porn sent to me*

*It was okay but I prefer erotica

(er, p.s. I'm a girl.)
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:35, closed)
Yeah, but didn't you drive an old motor halfway round the world last year? A socket set would be really handy for that sort of thing!
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:43, closed)
Girls buy things they would like themselves. Men do this too - hence CHCB receiving the socket set (I would guess, unless it was bought with her trek in mind).

Also it's plain easy to buy flowers or a teddy - they're universally accepted love tokens. Getting something the object of your affections would actually like requires thought or possibly more stalking.

I believe some men prefer bicycle parts and some women like shiny climbing gear or even books!

Funny old world.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:53, closed)
My boyfriend
buys me star wars lego stuff, and then plays with it himself.

He's 28.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:55, closed)
Stuffed bric a brack
One girl I was seeing bought me a small polished pebble and a figurine of a teddy bear driving a car. Apparently I was supposed to react like it was the best present anyone had ever bought me.

Indeed, although being ungrateful is not in my nature, my lack of enthusiasm was a complete and utter shock to her. We didn't last.

It's easy. Men like toys and gadgets. We're not adverse to shiny things, provided they make us feel manly and empowered.

We. Explicitly. Do. Not. Want. Fucking. Teddy. Bears.

It demonstrates no thought whatsoever. Doesn't matter if they've spent a fiver on something that they've put a good deal of thought into (ie I didn't realise I needed it until I unwrapped it) then they're going to win more respect than if they buy me fifty quid's worth of something they think I should wear. I don't care if it's come from an Italian fashion house, I'd rather wear my faded olive green tee shirt with the Smash Martian on the front of it.

*edit* - PJM wishes to point out that despite the above, he is extremely fond of kittens.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:58, closed)
if anyone
feels the need to buy me shiny climbing gear I will provide all the information they need without them having to go to the bother of stalking.

Likewise, if any wannabe stalkers can weld, just give me a shout.

My da bought me the socket set, so it wasn't actually a stalker's gift, though he does phone me regularly demanding to know what I'm doing with my life and he used to wait outside in his car while I was at parties as a kid.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 16:59, closed)
@ Bobfossil
I read that 3 times before I saw the "it"

I was trying to work out what was erotic about Star Wars lego - maybe should do some real work this afternoon
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 17:00, closed)
This - the first time!
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 17:01, closed)
most women who stalk
are obsessive romantics, hence the flowers and teddies. i'm female and if a man bought me a teddy, i'd probably throw it at him. i love to see someone actually pleased with a gift, so i tend to put thought into it. i do love belgian chocolates and white roses, though...
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 17:07, closed)
Just to de-rail for a sec although it's sort of relevant
I'm getting She Who Must Be Ignored a G-Shock for Valentines Day rather than hideously overpriced soon to wither dead vegetables. Or roses as they're otherwise known.

Does that make me an un-romantic throwback whose idea of foreplay is "brace yourself" or a thoroughly modern chap who listens to the trout's watch desires?

Mind you, she did buy me a cuddly Lion King jobbie many years ago (for what reason I have no idea, maybe she was shoplifting the PMT away) and luckily never enquired exactly what fate had arranged for the cuddly tat.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 17:18, closed)
@ osok
You sound thoroughly modern and you listen to her - that's most important. Well done you.

The Lion King thing was, I'm sure, done under the influence of hormones and lack of access to chocolate based products.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 17:24, closed)
My last girlfriend and I
always brought each other drugs. It's the ideal gift with couples, as you can share them, and have a lovely thank you shag when you're both off your chops.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 22:44, closed)
I for one....
refuse to buy cuddly/fluffy toys for men. That just seems dumb to me. (aparently I'm not a normal woman). When I like a guy and it is gift-giving time, I always give either something they actually ask for or porn....though I try to tailor the type of porn to fit the guy's tastes....wouldn't do to give lesbian porn to a guy who prefers DP

@ osok:
best valentine's gift I ever received was a set of tires, oil changed, and my car detailed....all while I was at work and didn't even know my car was missing for the day. I came out of work and found a funny card in my car with a note listing everything he had done just in case I didn't notice. I rewarded the guy with a high-performance carburator and a blow job. Stayed with him for 5 years.
(, Wed 6 Feb 2008, 1:16, closed)
For valentine's this year
We're getting fish and chips, I've bought a pair of tickets to see Eels at the RFH, and he's bought me "Lost Girls" by Alan Moore. Useful stuff. No sodding teddies, thank god.
(, Wed 6 Feb 2008, 13:00, closed)
I heartily agree with the drugs thing - the gift you can share :)
(, Wed 6 Feb 2008, 14:23, closed)

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