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This is a question Amazing displays of ignorance

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us: "My dad's friend told us there's no such thing as gravity - it's just the weight of air holding us down". Tell us of times you've been floored by abject stupidity. "Whenever I read the Daily Express" is not a valid answer.

(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 16:48)
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A friend of mine...
... had honestly never heard of how you can press Alt+F4 to make your web browser prioritise the current website you're looking at - therefore speeding up your download speed.

She had been surfing for years - the slow way - waiting for the computer to execute all its other processes! Imagine not knowing about Alt+F4!
(, Sun 21 Mar 2010, 21:12, 10 replies)
I knew tha
(, Sun 21 Mar 2010, 21:48, closed)
It doesn't work for me
It just shows the sound control panel. I think it's Option+Q for Mac.
(, Sun 21 Mar 2010, 22:02, closed)
you mean ⌘+Q?
(, Mon 22 Mar 2010, 22:57, closed)

(, Sun 21 Mar 2010, 22:21, closed)
am I entirely retarded here, or doesn't alt + F4 just close your current window?
(, Mon 22 Mar 2010, 0:06, closed)
Goes the sound of the joke right over your head :)
(, Mon 22 Mar 2010, 1:00, closed)
you just won this week's qotw
(, Mon 22 Mar 2010, 10:34, closed)
Can you delete your reply? :)

The whole point of my post was as bait for anyone who is "ignorant" of what Alt+F4 does...
(, Mon 22 Mar 2010, 12:12, closed)
Poor poor Rose.
Did you ever get confused by the 'hit any key' prompt?
Which one IS the 'Any' key??
(, Mon 22 Mar 2010, 19:26, closed)
Back when I used to hang about in chat rooms, this was a great way to amuse yourself...we had competitions to see how many times you could get the n00bs to do it..."Oh wait, you've a US keyboard, you have to use the OTHER Alt key..."

(, Tue 23 Mar 2010, 12:55, closed)

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