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This is a question Party Tricks and Secret Talents

Everyone (okay, *most* people) has a party trick or little piece of skill they can pull out when they need to show off. Tell us how you impressed everyone (then drove away in your Honda Accord), or alternatively how you fell flat on your face.

(, Thu 14 May 2015, 16:24)
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I can drink an awful lot of alcohol without having to take a piss
It's not really a party trick as such, as it's not the kind of thing people notice.
She stood there in her cocktail dress while Cumquat changed the CD while necking a bottle of Youngs. "I've been watching you all night", she breathed, "I love a man with a powerful bladder"
(, Mon 18 May 2015, 8:02, 10 replies)
I've never known a woman to neck a bottle of Young's.

(, Mon 18 May 2015, 9:03, closed)
you've obviously never been to one of those CAMRA fests
there's she-rhinos there that could neck a keg.
(, Mon 18 May 2015, 11:07, closed)
Hubba hubba!

(, Mon 18 May 2015, 11:50, closed)
Terrible bullying of WW

(, Mon 18 May 2015, 11:51, closed)
If I can get to my 6th pint without going for a piss.
I usually take this as a sign I am pretty dehydrated.
(, Mon 18 May 2015, 10:15, closed)
Well I can piss two liters of fluid for every single one that I consume.

(, Mon 18 May 2015, 13:23, closed)
pissing blood doesn't count

(, Mon 18 May 2015, 13:38, closed)
But it makes such a pretty pattern on the porcelain.

(, Mon 18 May 2015, 13:51, closed)
Nice appiseration.

(, Mon 18 May 2015, 18:28, closed)
u shud order pints m8 this aint brussles yet

(, Mon 18 May 2015, 19:25, closed)

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