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This is a question Teenage Crushes - Part Two

Freddie Woo writes: I've still got weird feelings for a well-known female TV presenter from the 1980s. I'm now in my forties, work in the same building as her and she follows me on a number of social networking sites. And now, she knows about it.

Tell us about the teenage crushes that still make you go wobbly.

(, Thu 5 Nov 2009, 11:04)
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So Many...
But here we are a few.

Kate Bush - Any man who was a teenager in the 80's and says they didn't fancy Kate Bush is either lying or gay.

Debbie Harry - See above.

Belinda Carlisle - It was the curves that did it...and that cute little upturned nose. Or it could have been her close resemblance to 80's porn star Ginger Lynn. Maybe shouldn't have confessed to liking her on radio programme though (Belinda not Ginger). Mummy Flunk has never let me forget it to this day.

Janet Ellis - Fit and she could make stuff out of sticky backed plastic and old washing up bottles.

Selina Scott - Mmmmm...made breakfast TV watchable...and I still would.

Sally James - See comments for Kate Bush and Debbie Harry.

Kathy Lloyd - Page 3 model...imagine my delight when I managed to get her phone number as a grown up (but that's another story).

And my old Science teacher Miss Wall...I need to take a cold shower just thinking about the filthy minx.
(, Thu 5 Nov 2009, 17:30, 1 reply)
...I STILL have a thing for Kate Bush. She has aged well.
(, Thu 5 Nov 2009, 18:22, closed)

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